At exactly 12:01 p.m. last Friday, the frantic five–hour process to move Barack Obama out and Donald Trump into the White House began.

While President Trump hailed the move as “a great success” and “the single best move in moving history,” sources close to the White House reveal that there was at least one problem with the move—and that it was likely caused by former Vice President Joe Biden.

The source, who agreed to speak with Street on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the matter, said, “The moving crew was transferring a chest of drawers out of President Obama’s bedroom, and when the piece of furniture was disturbed, the drawers flew open, showering the moving crew in feathers and silly string.”

The source added that after the feathers settled, a small piece of poster board was left at the bottom of the drawer, reading, “Left some Doritos in the medicine cabinet for you, JERK!”

The Trump administration does not suspect that President Obama was behind the prank. “This just seems like something that’s more Vice President Biden’s style," the source added.

When asked about the plant late last night, Vice President Biden said, “Did he open it? No? Dang it, I wanted to see the look on his face.”

Only time will tell if Biden will continue his less–than–subtle hijinks when he "sets up shop" at Penn in the near future.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.


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