With the rush of new activities available at the start of this semester, it might suddenly seem as if your night's fun depends on the cash in your wallet. Benny Frank's taught us well, however, because if there’s one thing all Quakers share, it’s the desire to save a few bucks. When you're prepping for your next night on the town, check out some of Penn's best memories of frugal fun.

“Last spring, my friends and I went down to Penn’s Landing and took out pedal boats for a day. They were free that day, and we each only spent about $5 on food. It was great—they didn’t keep track of how long you’d taken the boat out for, so we just pedaled around for a really long time.”

-Katherine McGannon (C ’18)

“There’s this movie theater in Old City that has Wednesday night specials where the tickets are $6. Once, my friend and I took Septa down there and bought giant buckets of popcorn and saw a terrible claymation. We were cracking up the whole time. It was honestly so much fun.”

-Ila Kumar (C '18)

"I went downtown to the Ritz by the new American Revolution Museum with 15 or so friends and we got tickets for $7.50 to see La La Land. We all loved it and were dancing around hugging each other after. Afterwards, we went for a walk down by the river. All of the Christmas lights along the river were still up, and it was really pretty. We ended the night by going back to my friend's room and drinking tea until 2 a.m."

-Susanna Jaramillo (E '19)

“For my friend's birthday, we had plans to go to one of the best restaurants in Philly. But of course everything was too expensive, and we didn’t want to order anything. We were in the Gayborhood, doing nothing, trying to figure out what to do, when we saw an Applebee’s. My friend was like ‘I would die to have the Applebee’s lava cake right now,' and it was her birthday, so we went in. They asked us for our IDs and everything. But we got the lava cake and went back, and I was in bed by 11 p.m.”

-Maia Yoshida (C ’18)

Photos Courtesy of Creative Commons. 


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