Hit it: House Party

Quit it: Frat Party

We’ve been back for two weeks, and going out in the cold is already a no–go. Stay inside, don’t leave your bed and just House Party with your homies. We're not talking about your standard high school basement banger — we mean the multi–person Facetime app. It’s all the perks of a Skype interview, but without the unavoidable aneurism. Double chins welcome. 

Hit it: VSCO

Quit it: Valencia

In the wise and annoyingly catchy words of the Chainsmokers, choosing between "XX Pro or Valencia" for your #Selfie is so 2014. VSCO has been a silent killer in the photo–editing game and will definitely benefit your Instagram style way more than a generic insta filter. With a wide range selection, you’ll probably still find yourself in the C1-G3 rotation, but it’ll be worth it.

Hit it: "Raindrop, drop top"

Quit it: Crop top

Baby, it's cold outside. While you're tipsily pretending to know the words to every song that comes on at Smokes', you can stop making the rest of us feel bad for going out swaddled in sweaters. Sink or Swim in sweatpants, anyone?

Hit it: Biden in Office Hours

Quit it: Biden in Office

We hate to see him go, but we love to watch him leave—especially when his destination is Penn. Imagine how many more opportunities we'll have to get 500+ Instagram likes now that the man himself can be seen trolling Locust. Obama and Biden memes might be on the decline, but Biden and Gutmann memes could be the next big hit. Chances he will be the number one SABSer in front of Frontera are way too high. 

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Wikimedia.