Hit it: Cuffing season

Quit it: Flu season

Yeah, yeah, Valentine's Day is around the corner. Big whoop. While Highbrow's not one to couple up for coupling's sake, we do recommend attaching yourself to the one person you know who isn't sniffling, shivering or soliciting Vitamin C pills from their group chats.  All your friends are sick, anyway—might as well spend some quality time with that guy who always carries Purrell. 

Hit it: Pledges

Quit it: Doing things for yourself

The amount of boys ordering seven salads from Sweetgreen is ridiculously high. The number of girls leaving the Quad in onesies and other odd outfits is on an upward climb. Why, you ask? It’s pledging season, baby! With a boatload of freshmen just waiting to be told to do something at any given moment, the rest of us might as well capitalize on the opportunity to never get out of bed.

Hit it: Street slang

Quit it: Proper English

If you disagree with this one, then why don’t you just CASH ME OUSSIDE HOWBOW DAH?

Hit it: Latenight Allegro

Quit it: Spring break diet

If you don’t remember eating it, did the calories even count? It’s too hard to sit back and watch those slices pop in and out of the oven without ordering one for yourself. Self–control was so last year, and even though bikini season is right around the corner, midnight munchies are inevitably going to get the best of us. Late–night Allegro entertainment is always better with some damn good pizza in hand anyway.