It soothes sensitive taste buds. It makes alcohol palatable. It calms nerves and gives new meaning to "a good night out." It's the Green Tea shot at Smokes', and it's here to change your life.

Despite the name, the drink actually contains no green tea—but it looks like it should. The drink is "kinda green–ish, a little bit," says Smokes' manager Michael Ryan. “It looks kinda like green tea." The shot is actually made with Jameson Irish Whiskey, Peach Schnapps, sour mix, and a splash of sprite. 

“It’s a very tasty shot," Mr. Ryan says. "Out of nowhere, there was just a giant craze for it! Everyone orders it. You’ll get at least ten Green Tea shots here on a busy night. It seems like if someone’s sitting on one side of the bar and [that person orders] it, and someone down the bar sees it, they order [it too], and then everyone’s just like 'Oh, Green Tea!'  That’s how it all gets going.”

Mr. Ryan himself is a fan of the drink. “Every now and then when I’m home, before I go out, I’ll make a giant jug of it for myself," he says.

To investigate this "craze," Street headed to Smokes' with three Green Tea shot virgins to see if the shot lives up to the hype.

Tobi Milligan (C'18)

Thoughts before taking the shot: “I’ve heard of it before. I only heard great things. I’ve heard that it’s the best way to get drunk––a ‘taste explosion,’ if you will. I’m guessing it tastes like green tea?"

Reaction after the shot: “Life–changing. Absolutely delightful. My favorite drink here used to be the Southern Comfort, but this absolutely blows it out of the water."

Dylan Love (C’17) 

Thoughts before taking the shot:  "What the hell is a 'Green Tea shot?'"

Immediate reaction after the shot: "I'd have to say that the Green Tea shot is pretty damn good. It just really masks whatever the hell you're drinking as long as you drink a lot of it!"

Isaac Buchwald (C’17):

Thoughts before taking the shot:  “I think of, like, a green tea frappuccino, kind of with a vanilla–y kind of taste to it..but still, like, green tea–ish. Probably something more herbal––not necessarily sweet, but more like the green tea flavor.”

Immediate reaction after the shot: “OH WOW! It’s fruitier than what I expected."

What to say when you order: "Green Tea shot"

Price: $6

When to get one: Literally whenever. In case you haven't caught on yet, it's pretty damn amazing. 

Photo credit: Katie Dumke


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