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The Symbolism of the Rose

Roses serve as a key symbol of Valentine’s Day. Ranging in colors from red to white, roses are bought by the dozens, petalled and sprinkled over tabletops and bedrooms, and incorporated into cards, foods, poems and other forms of romantic expression. But why have we so closely come to associate the flower with love? 

The Private Pet–Smugglers of Penn

Snuggles for the smuggled

Dancing with the Devil

My summer as a New York club promoter.

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Who needs a fancy dinner when you've got these ideas instead?

Drake Night: "So Far Gone" Above Every Expectation

It’s Drake Night at the Foundry. And it’s pretty fucking lit. 

Smokes' Green Tea Shot: Just a Drink, or God's Gift to Mankind?

Pretty sure it's the latter.

The Secret Menus of Penn's Most Popular Restaurants

Question everything you thought you knew.

Ultimate Spring Break Hangover Survival Tips

Don't spend spring break recovering from a hangover

University City Just Got a New Dim Sum Restaurant and We’re in Love

Your second semester just got a whole lot better.

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