Hit it: Comic–Con

Quit it: Rom–Com

You might be thinking, “Are you sure about this one?” But let us tell you, anime is getting pretty hot and steamy these days, guys. Trade in the typical “I’m single on V–Day” routine of chick flick, rom–com and repeat for some sexy, steamy, Japanese characters in heat. Comics have come a long way since your average Peanuts section in the paper. It’s time to start exploring beyond your horizons.

Hit it: Turning your V–Day into a lifestyle

Quit it: Turning your B–Day into a lifestyle

Chocolate, teddy bears, roses, oh my! Why do we have to limit our indulgence in such items to only one day a year? Seems unfair to us. There’s never not a time for chocolate, so honestly, this is a no–brainer. When that V–Day chocolate goes on sale, stock up and unleash your inner Augustus Gloop—except instead of drowning in chocolate, we suggest you just eat it.

Hit it: Lingering

Quit it: Lingerie

Sexiness is a social construct, and honestly, those things have become irrelevant these days, so let’s just throw it out the window. We suggest nixing the night time knickers and just going for it. Who says that admirers only have to be in secret? With love in the air and free time between your classes, you might as well start following the ones who catch your eye. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll notice you and feel the same way. There’s also the possibility that they notice and get creeped out. But hey, what’s life without risk?

Hit it: Side eye

Quit it: Side bae

If he hasn’t made the move already, it’s never going to happen. Be the bad betch we know you can be and move on. You’re better than being a side jawn. You’re a main jawn. You’re the main JAWN. You’re like Beyoncé on the red carpet: fresh, fun, fierce and flirty. Except we hope you’re not impregnated with two fetuses. That might kill the vibe a little bit.