Hit it: Medium

Quit it: Big–Little

When did Greek life become so size discriminatory? There’s a small, medium, and large for a reason. The exclusionary practices of big–little week have gone too far. We’re calling for reform! Big, little and in–the–middle week is up and coming, just you wait.

Hit it: Orchids

Quit it: Roses

After a wildly anti–climactic (or climax–ic, if you feel us) Valentine’s Day, we’ve come to appreciate those who stepped outside of the red rose box and opted for something a little more classy. Orchid plants are an important gift because they not only show thoughtfulness, but can also pose a challenge to your significant other. The orchid plant is hard to maintain, but if taken care of properly, will last quite awhile. By keeping track of how long the plant lives, you can see just how ready you are to take it to the next level (aka buying them a succulent). Don't let your love orchid die.

Hit it: Meatloaf for all

Quit it: Meatloaf for one

If you haven’t heard by now, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was “forced” to order meatloaf when dining with the President at the White House. After the guests were told by Trump that they could order anything they’d like, the President then went back on his words and ordered the meatloaf for both the governor and himself. While we’re wildly unsurprised that Trump would make decisions for someone without their consent (i.e. every executive order thus far), we can’t help but wonder: meatloaf? Really? At least spend our taxpayer dollars on a nice filet, not jumbled–up lunch meat leftovers.