Sugar Philly, the famous sweet shop on wheels located on 38th and Sansom, has just given us yet another reason to treat ourselves. If there weren’t enough reasons to be obsessed with Sugar Philly already, their Valentine’s Day specials are sure to convert even casual visitors into hardcore fans. According to their Facebook event, the sweets–maker will offer six special Valentine’s Day macaron flavors—including four boozy macaron options. These ten special flavors are available from February 9–14th, and they're only sold by the box.

Street had the chance to try three of these special Valentine's Day flavors: Maple Walnut Bourbon, Milk and Honey, and Sea Salt Chocolate. The other special flavors are Chocolate–Covered Strawberry Red Wine, Raspberry Cocoa Nib White Wine, Peach Toasted Honey and Salted Triple Caramel. The other boozy flavors are Rum Cherry Chocolate, Campari Daiquiri, and Tequila Pineapple Ancho Chili. 

While all the macarons are out of this world, the Boozy Maple Walnut Bourbon one stood out the most. It took us on a bit of a sensual journey, feeling and tasting like brown sugar melting in your mouth, but with an alcoholic kick. The Sea Salt Chocolate and Milk and Honey were like yin and yang, the chocolate offering rich and powerful flavors while the milk and honey part was creamy, light and classic. In fact, Kaliko Zhablah (C‘19), an intern at Sugar Philly, says that “Milk and Honey is timeless. It’s everything about Sugar Philly macarons that I love.”

These irresistible creations are only available for a short amount of time, and can be a great surprise for a special sweet–tooth in your life (or yourself). Be sure to fill out the online pre-order form. A box of six costs $12, a box of 12 is $20 and a box of 10 cocktail–inspired macarons is $22—but we all know that the joy of eating macarons is priceless.