Want to go out for Valentine’s Day but don’t have any elaborate, romantic plans? Let Street help you out with some Penn–centric dating ideas that are sure to impress the one you love.

Sauna Session at Pottruck: The Sherr Pool in Pottruck’s lower level is equipped with a sexy sauna for students and visitors looking to warm up after a cold swim. Take a quick dip and consider heating up your night inside this lavish Penn amenity. Perhaps a bold (and potentially awkward) move for a first date, this idea is recommended for seasoned couples only.

Picnic at the BioPond: Enjoy the aroma of nature (and cannabis) while situated in the company of small, reptilian creatures on a picnic for two at Penn’s most beloved outdoor retreat: the BioPond. Don't let the constant influx of flashlights, security guards and ominous footsteps scare you; this treasure is under 24–hour surveillance at all times, but still proves to be a quick romantic getaway from the bustle of campus. 

Long Walks Down Locust Walk: Locust Walk's picturesque scenery is unnoticed and under–appreciated by many a busy Penn student.  Revel in the charm, beauty and complexity of the many aesthetically—pleasing and architecturally–admirable buildings aligned on the exterior of the walkway as you saunter down this true Penn gem. There may be a couple of loose bricks sprinkled throughout the path, but don't let that sad reality stop you from enjoying a romantic night out. 

Stargazing at the Love Statue: Let your favorite landmark double over as an observatory as well. Pack a telescope, a blanket, a pillow, some bug spray and maybe even some soft speakers as you lay on the thick grass located in front of Penn's most beloved treasures. And don't forget to bundle up; late evening temperatures are slated to be especially frigid!

Dinner for Two at Houston: Take a break from your lavish dinner plans and enjoy a peaceful night out at Houston Market. From sushi to pizza to pasta and more, Houston Hall can fulfill all of your gastronomic cravings and desires all within the comfort of our very own campus. Avocado, chocolate, bananas, watermelons, arugula, honey, coffee, artichokes, Olive oil and strawberries are all scientifically–proven aphrodisiacs that can be found here. Why not make a sexy fruit salad and spice up your Valentine's Day?


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