Guy Fieri is more than just a Food Network Star. He’s a Food Network legend.

When we say “legend,” we mean the guy has absolutely no shame. His shows are filled with cringe–worthy yet hilarious moments. So we figured, what better way to get through a Diners, Drive–Ins, and Dives episode than being shit–faced? If we've learned anything from our time at Penn, when it comes to secondhand embarrassment, there’s nothing a little alcohol can’t fix.

Before you start the game, pour two shots out for his frighteningly bleach–blonde hair and creepy goatee. Then proceed to take them because you can’t start the show without being buzzed.

Take a shot whenever Guy Fieri:

  • Mentions Flavortown
  • Gets uncomfortably loud
  • Makes a cringe–worthy joke or analogy
  • Talks with his mouth full
  • Eats the food while the chef is still preparing it
  • Gets food in his goatee
  • Mentions taking “just one more bite” but proceeds to eat more
  • Calls the chef “boss”
  • Avoids eggs

Take two shots:

  • If Guy Fieri refers to anything as “money” (i.e. staring at what he is eating and saying “that is just money”)

Take three shots:

  • If the place Guy Fieri visits is not a diner, drive-in or a dive.


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