It's only April. Okay, it's only the start of April. Many of us still aren't sure what we're doing this summer-—and that's okay. Take some deep breaths, whip out your laptop, and scroll through these handy sites to snag that dream internship. You don't even have to leave your bed. Take that, OCR. 

If you’re just starting out:

A Penn email gets you a free subscription to JobTreks, a service that promises to not only help find you a job, but also organize your search. The site takes users through the process: selecting a company, prepping for interviews, using any contacts you might have and even creating to–do lists. Thankfully, it doesn’t just list companies with names or stock indexes. A quick mouse–over provides a description of the company’s size and function. That aspect should appeal to the people who like to pretend they know the difference between Bain and Bain Capital (Ed. note: If anyone knows this, please help. We’re lost).

If you’re looking to flee the country:

Penn offers international internship services past Penn Global. Goabroad offers a job site specifically geared towards internships abroad. Even Penn Global, the same office that sponsors study abroad programs and exchanges, provides some listings of international internships. In either site, it’s easy to search by region or city.

If you’re all about the money and want to work on/near campus:

Check out Campus Philly, a site sponsored by Mayor Jim Kenney to incentivize college students to call Philly home for the summer or local students to work during the school year. The site caters to students by showing entry–level positions and internships geared for recent graduates or current students.

If you want sites hand–picked by Career Services:

Claire Klieger of Career Services provided Street with a few specific sites to help with job/internship searches. She first mentioned JobTreks and cited its ease of use and the fact that though it is ordinarily subscription–based, it is free to Penn students.

She also touted Portfolium, a new site that helps you organize a portfolio to show employers. It goes beyond the usual resumé and cover letter basics and formats your skills, goals and projects in a way that is easy and accessible to employers and networking connections.

Go forth and prosper.