Hanna Yang (W’21) is a polymath. She excels at painting, aced the SAT and curates the hell out of her Instagram. The native of Downingtown, PA received ED admission to Wharton. But with that admission comes a culture shock, or at least a bit of change. Street spoke to Hanna about what she thinks life at Penn will be like (ed. note: truth be told, Street still doesn’t know. Penn is full of surprises.).

Hanna wanted to come here because of its "amazing business school, its interdisciplinary and extracurricular opportunities, its exciting social scene, its convenient location in my favorite city, and…the food."

When asked her favorite famous alum, she responded "Donald Trump (just kidding!)...Elon Musk." Well said.

Now for the question–and–answer. It's time to get a fresh take on this godforsaken school from the eyes of a not–yet–jaded incoming freshman.

Street: Can you tell us the craziest rumor you've heard about this school? It can be from anyone: someone who goes here, someone who probably knows nothing about Penn or your mom.

Hanna Yang: I heard that Penn students actually throw toast onto the football field during games.

Street: What do you think it means to SABS? Whatever you answered, do you think you'll do it at Penn?

HY: I cheated and read in the Daily Pennsylvanian that it means to see and be seen. (This Penn slang dictionary is quite amusing.) Taking that literally I’ll definitely be doing a lot of seeing at Penn, going to exciting new places and experiencing new things, and I’ll make sure to be seen going to these places and doing these things so I can show people that Penn is the best place to be!

Street: What is the craziest reaction you've gotten when you told someone you were going to Penn?

HY: "We are!"

Street: What's one thing you absolutely did not include in your application?

HY: My god–awful high school tardiness record…and the numerous detentions I’ve sat through because of it. 

Street: True or false—Penn has a class on Bob Dylan.

HY: True?

Street: Penn has a class on Existential Despair. 

HY: Definitely true.

Street: Penn has a class on Breaking Bad. 

HY: I want to say false but I hope I’m wrong so I can take that class... (ed. note: sadly, we don't, yet ... @cinemastudiesdept).

As expected, she aced the question–and–answer. She even got all the true or false questions correct. May the curve be ever in your favor, Hanna, and welcome to Penn!