Street: Do you have a favorite meme from the Official Unofficial Penn Squirrel Catching Club? 

Aashna Jain: My favorite memes are the ones where Wharton owns its ~snek~ reputation.

Street: Favorite famous alum?

AJ: Elon Musk

Street: Weirdest rumor you’ve heard about Penn?

AJ: First floor rooms in the Quad are in the basement—lol wut.

Street: Approximate number of people who have congratulated you on committing to Penn State?

AJ: Almost everyone in India assumes that you're going to Penn State until you tell them that you're going to Wharton. Then they realize that you're going to an Ivy League college and go "Oh, well then you should've said that in the first place."

Street: Take your best stab at defining scene-y and (please, feel free to give examples).

AJ: Someone who thinks they're cooler than everyone else, and operate in social circles of very similar people. So they're like the life of a cooler, more exclusive party.

Street: True or false? Amy Gutmann spends the majority of her time living in Philadelphia.

AJ: I don't really know where Amy Gutmann spends her time. (Ed. note: Aashna gets it. Street doesn’t even know.)