Ask any beauty PR person what's trending right now and you'll likely hear something along the lines of natural beauty. People are obsessed with clean, natural products that are good for your skin and the environment. Who can blame them? 

And though Sephora never ceases to amaze (#ROUGESTATUS), you're probably not enjoying how much $$$ you drop every time you walk in there. (Pro tip: ask for a billion samples of the most expensive products you want to try. Keep going back when your samples run out or until you decide you’re too lazy so order it online).

For your convenience (as always), Street listed some of our favorite natural products that are not only dope for you, but you probably already have in your house. Big. Win.

Coconut Oil: If you haven’t heard about this coco-kraze, you’re coco-nutty. Coconut oil has so many benefits that you might not know about. It’s not only good for cooking. It’s an antibacterial, anti–fungal natural product that can serve as a moisturizer for your hair and skin, a makeup remover, a toothpaste, lip balm, stretch-mark cream, makeup brush cleaner and even deodorant! If you haven’t already, stock up!

Green Tea: Green tea is an incredible anti–inflammatory that fights both acne and acne scars. Brew some basic green tea, pop it in the fridge to chill, saturate a washcloth, and press to your face for an instant cooling and anti–red facial. Your skin will thank you in the long run.

Olive Oil: Olive oil was cool before coconut oil. It’s been around since Cleopatra (did you know she also, maybe, probably, invented the vibrator? Gal knew all the secrets). It’s stuck around for a reason—it works. Olive oil is PACKED with anti–aging antioxidants and has an incredible hydrating quality, which makes it great for hair, skin and nails. And I bet you already have this in your pantry.


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