In our younger and more vulnerable years, we used to make wishes on eyelashes when they fell out. Now, all we wish for is longer, fuller lashes. I have funerals for my lashes when they fall out. This is not a joke. I promise you with these tips you’ll have bigger, badder and fatter lashes in no time. This doesn't happen overnight, though, so be patient.

Curling: Over–curling is an addiction. Who doesn’t love big, curled lashes? Be careful of over–curling because it can lead to lash loss, which is a total bummer and the opposite of what we are going for. Instead, try heating your eyelash curler with a blow dryer, so your lashes curl easier. Bonus: they’ll hold their shape longer. Think of it like a curling iron for your delicate lashes.

Baby Powder: This is a common hack, but, boy does it change the game. Dust baby powder or some translucent powder on your eyelashes between the first and the second coats of mascara. This will make your lashes look thicker and more voluminous. Apply with a Q–tip.

Oils: Oils can be great when you want to grow out your lashes. Simply use a bit of olive oil and rub it on your lash line before bed. Rinse off in the morning before you apply any makeup or mascara. Olive oil is a natural source of vitamins and nutrients—all of which are necessary for growing hair. Bonus: olive oil can be used as a makeup remover. So no need to go out and spend more $$ because I bet you already have some EVO in your pantry. And using it as a makeup remover will hydrate and help tighten the skin and help prevent wrinkles.

Cool Green Tea: Green tea is legit the best thing to happen since Coconut Oil. Simply chill some green tea, put it on your lash line before bed, and rinse off in the AM before your routine.

MAJOR ADDED BONUS: Green tea is uh–may–zing for redness and swelling. So if you have any scarring from acne, or any lingering pimples, soak a compress with cold green tea for 10 minutes before bed then rinse off in the AM. Natural way to get rid of that emerging pimple.

Fake Lashes: If you're lazy like me, you could just use strip lashes. But make sure you use black glue because if you get that white shit you can tell and nobody likes a nasty faux lash. This is a bit more expensive of a habit, but dayum they look good.


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