You've seen the random Do–It–Yourself Facebook events that crop up in your news feed from time to time. We, too, have felt the soft pangs of FOMO and wondered how our lives would be different if we only had the time for that “Intro to Beekeeping Workshop." Street decided to venture into the depths of arts and crafts obscurity (and hopefully will inspire you to do the same). 

The DIY Succulent workshop, brought to you by jewelry and event promotion company, Beaucycled, promises 1.5 hours of booze and guided craftwork. For prices ranging from $12—$20, participants receive 1—2 succulents and all the supplies necessary to plant their new friend. The events are 21+ and take place in outdoor beer gardens. They also offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and snack foods like cheese plates or fish tacos. Street opted to indulge in the PHS South Street Beer Gardens selection of flavored margaritas and the aforementioned cheese plate. 

Picnic tables were covered with colorful and quirky mugs and teacups (one read "World's Best Grandma") to serve as planters for our succulents. An assortment of colored pebbles and gardening supplies. Event organizers even went as far as to distribute handouts on the care and maintenance of succulents to event participants. By the end of the evening, Street had hopefully learned enough about basic horticulture to not kill a seven–inch tall desert plant. While the event partially served to advertise the parent company's jewelry brand, the messaging didn't feel preachy; the evening felt like a genuine way to artistically bond with friends.

Here's a list of Beaucycled's upcoming events—bring your housemates, your recitation group, or anyone with even a vague interest in alcoholic horticulture. 

Cactus and Crystals Succulent Workshop—Morgan’s Pier

September 18th and later dates 6:30 pm.

Beer and healing crystals for you new-age needs. 

DIY Succulent Workshop—PHS South Street Beer Garden

September 25th 6:30 pm.

The exact same event Street crashed—experience the original. 

Big Beers & Bigger Planters—Frankford Hall

September 26th at 7 pm. 

Enjoy pints of German beer at the Pennstitution, complete with two succulents instead of one. 


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