All the single ladies? Well, some of 'em. We asked you to nominate Penn's Most Eligible Bachelorettes, and after much discussion, deliberation, and a fair amount of Facebook–stalking, the results are in. These ladies are smart, savvy, and single—so hey, at least you've got a chance.

Isabella Cuan (C ’18)

Isabella Cuan is a braniac with an artsy side. This BBB major and Art History minor is also a talented photographer, whose photo projects range from documenting her Cuban heritage to snapping candids at sorority and frat events. As the former Editor–in–Chief of The Walk, Isabella’s sense of style is almost as sharp as she is. One thing’s for sure—if you want to win over this stunning sweetheart, you’re going to have to be able to keep up. 

Photo by: Autumn Powell

Isabella's favorite and least favorite parts of single life at Penn:

"My least favorite is the fact that there isn’t anything wrong with being single, but yet, we stigmatize it. It’s okay to be single, but that’s not always how society operates. My favorite thing about being single is that I get to live my life on my own terms. Being single really lets you figure out who you are and what you want, completely uninhibited. This is a great age to do that."

Isabella's biggest deal breaker:

"My mom is my best friend, so it would be a deal breaker if someone didn’t like my mom as much as they liked me." 

Cristina Vaca (C ’19)

With a Biochem major and an Architecture minor, this Sigma Kappa cutie embodies the best of both the science and creative worlds. When she’s not working at the Wistar Institute, Cristina can be found tutoring Spanish in Philadelphia schools or eating copious amounts of Middle Eastern food. This bachelorette has an outdoorsy side too—just ask her about her research on the Great Barrier Reef.

Photo by: Autumn Powell

What Cristina looks for in a partner:

"I’m not sure I’ve had the best experience in looking for partners in the past, so maybe I need to revise the things that I look for…everyone says that opposites attract, but I think there’s also a balance. I like a good sense of humor, and someone who can be spontaneous and go on adventures. I like someone who will push me out of my comfort zone."

What you might not know about Cristina: 

"My dad’s from Nicaragua and my mom is from Italy, and even though I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I didn’t know English until I was four. People seem to be really surprised by that."   

Sara Seyed (C ’20)

Sara Seyed, our only sophomore bachelorette, is a Philadelphia native studying BBB. This talented Dischord songstress and Collectve member will woo you with her sultry voice and overall music know–how. With plans to go into psychotherapy, Sara’s comfortable with getting into the more emotional side of things—just as long as you can impress her with your taste in music.

Photo by: Autumn Powell

Sara's ideal date:

"A nice little dinner at a cute restaurant, then walking around a museum or in the city—especially if there’s a festival or something going on!"

Sara's favorite and least favorite parts of single life at Penn:

"My least favorite is the fact that the hookup culture at Penn sometimes makes it seems like nothing is ever going to happen romantically. But my favorite is that that leaves me a lot more time to focus on my friends and my activities! It’s one less thing to worry about."

Natasha Allen (C’19)

Natasha Allen may have lived in Sweden until the age of 14, but this witty bachelorette likes her men as all–American as they come. Though she’s a Political Science and Econ double major, she’s got a passion for history, and can list every U.S. President. To top it all off, she’s a pre–law frat star, Kite and Key tour guide, and the director of SPEC Connaisance.

Photo by: Autumn Powell

What Natasha looks for in a partner:

"Someone that’ll bring me fries when I ask them to. I really just need someone who will bring me fries at random hours of the night. I’d accept McDonald’s as long as they’re not over–salted, but Hummus is really the way to go."

 The fastest way to Natasha's heart:

"With a scalpel."   

Carey Landon (E’18)

This easygoing Texas engineer has devoted her time at Penn to City Step (she’s co–director), and she can bust the moves to prove it. To win this senior over, you’re going to have to impress her friends and family first—Carey won’t miss out on quality time with her roommates for just anyone.  

Photo by: Autumn Powell

Carey's biggest deal breaker:

"Being a misogynist. And, not to belittle dairy allergies, but if you can’t eat ice cream or cheese, we’re probably not going to be compatible. Oh and lastly, you have to have endurance on the dance floor."

Carey's worst dating experience: 

"I went on a date with someone who worked at Lululemon, and they told me I wasn’t 'Lulu material.' I think I said something like, 'I think you meant that as an insult, but I’m going to take it as a compliment.'"

Deja Jackson (C’19)

A baller on the court, and a server on the floor, Deja Jackson is a communications major with a passion for Drake (she’s boycotting concerts until she gets to see him) and the Sixers (Ben Simmons, to be exact). If she’s not practicing with the women’s basketball team, you can find this athletic bachelorette working at City Tap House. 

Photo by: Autumn Powell

Deja's ideal date:

"Definitely something indoors. I hate being outside. I think it’s terrible. So my ideal date is eating something indoors, with some wine, just kind of chilling. Just a lot of food—I like to eat. I’m not into activity dates."

The fastest way to Deja's heart: 

"If you know the references I make to tweets, memes, or vines, I think we’ll get along very well. A lot of what I say in general is a reference to something, and if people get them and like them too I’m very happy about it. Otherwise they’re like, 'What the fuck are you saying?'"

Alix Pouchol (C’18)

This French heartbreaker will have you saying “Je t’aime” before you even realize you’re hooked. As a co–founder of Epsilon Eta, Alix knows what she’s passionate about and is determined to make a difference in the world working in corporate sustainability. This senior won’t be falling for your frat boy charm—she’s a connoisseur of classic literature (especially the French stuff), and is happy to remain a bachelorette until she finds a man who’s ready to sit and ponder life with her. 

Photo by: Autumn Powell

The fastest way to Alix's heart:

"Food. Or speaking German to me, I find German very attractive...My ex–boyfriend jokes that he had to provide food for me at every single one of our dates. He was also German, though."

Alix's thoughts on dating at Penn:

"Dating in the U.S. in general is just so different from dating in France. I don’t understand American dating at all. In France, it’s so straightforward: you like the person, the other person likes you, you go on dates. But in the U.S., you text the person, they Snapchat you, you like their Instagram, they Facebook message you. I refuse to play the texting game. If I’m interested in someone, I’ll ask them out. They’ll know."