Halloween has been over for a little more than a week, so obviously that means that winter is fully upon us. With winter inevitably comes illness, especially when the cold weather is coupled with midterms, DFMOs, and ambitious Homecoming plans. Accept it: you will get sick. Follow Street's DIY to fight back.

Helpful hint #1: Ginger tea

Your friend's mom probably sent this to us; it’s very basic while simultaneously very heartwarming. It simply means well. The ingredients and process are easy: slice up a whole clove of ginger, squeeze a whole lemon, and drizzle about one tablespoon of honey into a mug and add boiling water. Let sit, then sip. The ginger helps to settle the stomach while the honey and lemon work to coat the throat. 

Helpful hint #2: Probiotics

This supposed health fad can do more than just clean your gut—many people swear by probiotics such as kombucha and apple cider vinegar as ways to combat oncoming sickness. Our only advice is to stick to the probiotic–rich drinks and stay away from the yogurts—dairy is not your friend when you're sick. 

Helpful hint #3: Pineapple and turmeric

You’ve no doubt been advised to eat pineapple before to improve, ahem, sweetness. However, it turns out this fruit has more to offer than just flavor enhancement. In fact, pineapple is naturally anti–inflammatory, meaning it can aid with joint pain, muscle soreness, or other types of bodily ache. Turmeric, the yellow spice used in curry, also holds these properties, and has been found to be overall medicinal. It also increases the body’s capacity for antioxidant intake. You have to take tumeric in a fairly large quantity to be effective, so try it in pill form or mix it into another food. Pineapple–turmeric smoothie, anyone?

Helpful hint #4: Zinc

Another rising homeopathic trend is using zinc to fight off the common cold. Though there isn’t much formal research on why, lots of people regularly consume zinc throat lozenges to both prevent sickness and to fight it off when it arrives. Time to upgrade from basic cough drops! 


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