We know it’s early, but Street is officially calling it: 2018 will be the year the music video finally makes a legitimate comeback. Yeah yeah, artists never stopped making music videos since they peaked in the mid 80’s as the premier form of music consumption. But there was a reason MTV felt the need to fill space with WOAT reality shows in the 90’s—no matter how entertaining and stunningly retro it is to watch Date My Mom or That 70’s House. 

Here are some of Street’s faves of the year so far.

1. The Weekend – SZA 

This vid was directed by SZA’s friend, the one and only Solange. Need we say more? Bringing her soft­–spoken yet strong vibe to the already oozing–with–cool track, Solange makes an all cement parking complex look like the Paris fashion week catwalk. SZA brings her trademark unapologetic sexuality and sensuality in her performance, dancing to her music as we all only wish we could. 

2. Love ft. Zacari – Kendrick Lamar 

One of DAMN.’s softer tracks, the scene opens up on the perfect beach sunset we all dream of meeting our next sig other on. But that’s where the fantasy ends; the rest of the song plays out the trials and tribulations of a modern romance, complete with dinner table fighting, kitchen make–ups, showing up to your door at the wee hours of the night, and needing time apart. This painfully honest yet aesthetically pleasing depiction of modern amour elevates “Love” beyond being a raw urban ballad. 

3. You Be Love – Avicii ft. Billy Raffoul

Told entirely through different stills of Greecian–esque statues, “You Be Love” tells the story of a forbidden romance between two young femmes. Emotions are carried through the different dramatic expressions and poses rather than blunt movements, bringing an added drama and rawness to the tragedy. As the two figures embrace, the monochrome image turns a vibrant red, showing the color and validity of love—no matter what form it takes. 

4. Finesse (Remix) – Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B

While not up to the artistic snuff of the other 3 videos, “Finesse” brings us back to the “In Living Color” glory days complete with door knocker earrings, neon bombers, and classing '90s funk vibes. Both Bruno and Cardi are dripping with cool and nonchalance as they literally paint the town pink. The only thing missing from this R&B fantasy is Jenny from the Block herself. 


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