The new year is here along with resolutions, rejuvenation, and the realization that only Santa should be eating sugar cookies for breakfast. Indulging in holiday treats with your family over winter break can bring a much needed break from Penn’s diet of Magic Carpet and Allegro. However, upon returning to campus, it might be hard to quit your favorite holiday foods cold turkey. Lighten up your hometown favorites with these healthy picks the next time you're at Fresh Grocer. 

Protein Pancakes

You won’t be able to sleep until noon after break, but you can still enjoy a hearty pancake breakfast just like mom would make. Protein pancakes like Birchbenders, found by the regular pancake mix aisle, are packed with 16 grams of protein. More filling than traditional pancakes, they can also help you achieve your fitness goals.

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Chinese food on Christmas Day might be your family tradition, but back at Penn regular takeout can take a toll on your wallet (and cholesterol level). Whip up your own easy fried rice like this one, but substitute half of the rice with pre–made riced cauliflower from the produce section. Add in extra veggies and protein of choice for a filling meal that doesn’t require a $20 delivery minimum.

Vegetarian Turkey

If your New Year’s resolution was to eat less meat, Gardein Turk’y Cutlet can satisfy your craving without the cruelty. Although it may sound gross, Street personally verified that this shit is actually good. Found in the frozen food aisle, the vegetarian substitute also comes with gravy for a quick meal that doesn’t require a full day of roasting and basting.