Our health took a toll this February: from Superbowl snacking to discounted Valentine’s Day chocolates, it's been easy to put our fitness goals on the backburner. But don’t give up quite yet: the Olympics has arrived just in time to deliver inspiration to us wannabe athletes. Snag tips for your next trip to Pottruck, straight from the Team USA hotties that are heating up the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Lou Moreira: Bobsled

With a past in professional bodybuilding, bobsledder Lou Moreira knows how to train like a beast. On his Youtube Channel, he posts videos of his training which consists of sprints, box jumps, and plenty of squats. His moves are simple enough to try out in second floor aux gym. Just don't get too ambitious with your weight level—start light and build up, and maybe one day you'll be able to lift like Lou. 

Karen Chen: Figure Skating

For those guilty of pulling a muscle dropping it too low on the dance floor, you may need to stretch it out more, like cutie Karen Chen. Before hitting the ice, she uses a foam roller to prepare for her skating practice. These are key tools for relieving soreness and tension in your muscles. Lucky for us regular people, we have our own stash in the fourth floor weight room of Pottruck.

Jordan Greenway: Hockey

The first African American Team USA hockey player, Jordan is breaking barriers (and maybe a few hearts) this Olympic Games. To maintain his impressive build of 6' 5" and 230 lbs, strength training is a must. While starting with free weights might be a little intimating, and even cause injury if your form is off, you can still ease into weight training by using workout machines to assist with form. Don't be afraid of the weight room; be bold like Mr. Hunky Hockey. 

Jamie Anderson: Snowboarding

In addition to being a badass snowboarder, Jamie Anderson is also a body positive advocate. In ESPN’s 2014 Body Issue, she said “I don’t think I’m your typical rock–hard ripped girl. But that’s what I love and embrace about myself. I feel good, but I always feel like I can be better. That’s what I thrive on.” In the interview, she says that she credits yoga for both her physical and mental strength. Drop into a class at Pottruck, CorePower, or Bikram University City to find your zen like Jamie.

Results of these tips may vary. While hitting the gym a few times will not necessarily make you an Olympian, you can at least train like one, feel like one, and kick ass like one.