Time is one of the few things in life that exists for everyone, but has no physical proof. It is a symbol of change, whether for better or worse. A symbol of development through our existence that we consider linear. Through time we measure our own growth, location, and importance of issues. Time is just as transactional as money, and how we spend it is a clear indicator of how much more of it we will be able to spend later.

During midterm season, it can seem that there is never enough time for anything. Between school, a job, and a plethora of club meetings, time rapidly seems to disappear from my grasp. To combat this crippling anxiety, I have created a playlist of songs strictly dealing with time to hone in on my time managing skills. Through this playlist, I hope to keep time on the forefront of my cerebrum so that I am constantly thinking about it. 

It’s also just a bunch of jams, so take a moment and give it a listen. 


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