Three theaters, scattered around Society Hill and Old City, offer a unique and diverse cinematic selection focusing mostly on indie and art films. If you still haven’t seen The Shape of Water or Call Me By Your Name, you can catch them at a Ritz theater. But if you already have (or just don’t care to) and you’re looking for something different, the chain still has plenty to offer. While you might not have noticed them in your Facebook events feed, the special events and programming at Ritz theaters provide the chance to get a different kind of movie experience. Here’s Street’s guide to some of the most exciting upcoming events.

Royal Opera House Series (Ritz Five)

Various dates

In partnership with the Royal Opera House, theaters from the Landmark company, which owns the Ritz theaters, are able to screen filmed version of opera from one of the most renowned companies in the entire world. Upcoming screenings include The Winter’s Tale, a newer take on the Shakespeare play of the same name, on March 27, and Carmen, the classic and sensual story of a valiant soldier and the woman who seduces him, on April 10. If you’re in the mood to feel cultured, consider catching one of these screenings—it’s the perfect opportunity to see a performance straight out of London without leaving the comfort of Philly. 

Sailor Moon: The MusicalLe Mouvement Final (Ritz Five)

April 11, 7 p.m.

Fans of Sailor Moon rejoice: Ritz Five is bringing the Sailor Moon musical, previously only available abroad, to the shores of the United States. Although the Ritz Five’s screening of Sailor Moon: The Musical was originally a one–time special event in March, if you missed it, be sure to catch the encore showing on April 11. If your exposure to the original series was minimal, the musical might be harder to follow—but if you’re a fan, this is the place for you. The Ritz’s website encourages you to “cosplay and sing along to this live musical adaptation.”

Midnight Madness (Ritz at the Bourse)

Various dates

If you’re tired after a long week, or facing the prospect of a Friday without anything planned, Midnight Madness at the Bourse could be worth checking out. Every Friday at midnight, the theater screens a movie that hasn’t been in theaters for years, with a special emphasis on bringing cult classics back to the silver screen. Past titles have included The Shining and Spirited Away, and upcoming selections include The Big Lebowski (March 30), The Room (April 13), and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (April 20). Midnight Madness screenings tend to draw enthusiastic crowds—so, instead of watching a movie alone in your dorm, take the opportunity to enjoy an old favorite with some of the people who love it the most.

The Gardener (Ritz Five)

March 28, 7 p.m.

If you love a good documentary film, check out the Ritz’s selection: it’s so weird and wonderful that you might find a new favorite. The Gardener is a perfect example—if filmmaker Sébastien Chabot’s detailed exploration of Les Quatre Vents, a private garden in Montreal, doesn’t sound like your idea of a riveting film, take a moment to read some of the rave reviews. If you’re already intrigued, or if gardening just really excites you—well, good for you. Either way, be sure to book a ticket.

New Chefs on the Block with Q&A

April 4, 7 p.m.

These days, the only thing that people seem to love more than food is talking about how much they love food. If you’re a self–proclaimed foodie and treat Zagat as your Bible, you’re in luck, because the upcoming screening of New Chefs on the Block gives you a chance to do both. After their screening of the documentary, which focuses on two up–and–coming restaurant founders in the D.C. area, the Ritz Five will offer a Q&A session with Frank Linn, Sr., a writer and the father of one of the documentary’s subjects (Frank Linn, owner of Frankly...Pizza!) If you’re interested in the competitive and ever–changing world of the restaurant industry, this is an event you should not miss.

All ticket information is available through the Landmark Theaters website.