As the days grow longer and weather becomes warmer, spring is for spending all day in the sun, whether it be studying on College Green or dining al fresco. However, a look in the mirror by mid–afternoon might leave you horrified: your makeup is melted off, your eyeliner is smeared, and your hair is frizzy. The heat and humidity are not kind to our hair and makeup, or our wallets for that matter. When you are already spending a fortune on a foundation that promises to erase your pores, make you glow like a newborn baby, and fix all ailments, that shit better last all day—yet, not all products do. Here are all the ways to preserve your beauty look, no restroom touch–ups required. And if your makeup arsenal has already done a number on your budget after a long year of beauty, rest easy knowing these products are all under $20.

1. Make your Blow Out Last

A blowout from Drybar is Center City costs $45 dollars—and for those of us who are not talented and dedicated enough to do it ourselves, it costs a lot of money and time. With a little extra care and dry shampoo, that blowout can give you a bang for your (literal or figurative) buck and last all fling weekend. Bastiste Dry Shampoo, costing under $10, is a cult favorite. The cherry scent will zap any sign of grease and keep hair bouncy through the next day. Divided over a three–day wild weekend, this amounts to under $20 a day for the Dryer lover and roughly $3 a day for the homemade hero.

2. Bake Your Face

Baking your face with translucent powder is a beauty hack used by Kim Kardashian to make her foundation last from day to night. With millions of people constantly “keeping up” with her, Kim is guaranteed to always look fresh in the LA heat. So, the makeup trick must have some credibility. Kim’s professional makeup artists Mario Dedivanovic swears by cult–favorite Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder ($38). A dupe of the product, e.l.f. High Definition Power, can be purchased for only $6.

3. Perfect Primer

Before applying your makeup, it's key to prep the skin with the right product. Revlon PhotoReady has a primer for every problem, like brightening for post–alcohol dullness and color–correcting for sunburns. The product is formulated to make skin more photogenic for picture perfect makeup all day. Ideal for walking to downtown and back. For around $13, you will save money by not having to reapply makeup for the rest of the day.

4. Holding Hairspray

No hairstyle can withstand humidity, especially in Philadelphia. But the right hairspray can keep tresses tamed until a hairbrush is within reach. L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin hairspray ($12) has been around for decades, and for good reason: the ultra–fine mist holds hair in place without the sticky feeling. 

Armed with these four tricks, you'll be ready to conquer the spring heat just in time for summer. And with price tags like that, there's nothing holding you back.