On Saturday, June 16, Beyoncé Gisele Knowles Carter and her husband released a new song—it's called "APESHIT"—under the credit "The Carters." The song accompanies the surprise drop of the duo's new album "Everything Is Love" (sadly, only currently available on Tidal). And damn, Bey can rap. 

The music video racked up nearly half a million views in the few hours since the drop. It features the couple in the Louvre, with an instantly iconic shot of them in pastel pantsuits in front of the Mona Lisa. The only thing more beautiful than the classical art and fashion highlighted in the 6–minute–long video is, well, Beyoncé herself. 

Naturally, the internet is freaking the fuck out. #EverythingIsLove and #Beyonce are both trending on Twitter (sorry, Jay). 

Catch the Carters at Citizens Bank Park on July 30th—they're currently on tour for On the Run Part II. 


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