As the weather gets warmer, there are few things better than a cold treat. Ice cream, popsicles, water ice—you name it, we want to eat it. BUT there is one sweet, chilly delight on our campus that caters to our dairy free/vegan/health conscious/banana–crazed friends: banana whips. A staple of HipCityVeg, this dessert has an ice-cream-like consistency made with frozen bananas, and there are a whole host of toppings available. Here are some of our fav banana whip hacks.

Peanut Butter Cup:

One of the greatest combinations ever is peanuts and chocolate, so get chocolate and peanuts as your toppings. The peanuts cut down on the richness of the chocolate, plus with the added banana flavor, it’s like a creamy peanut butter, nutella and banana sandwich. 

Double chocolate: 

If you're a chocolate fiend, get brownies and chocolate chips for a double whammy. The combo of rich brownie and the chips allows for a great blend of different textures that make sure your whip isn’t mushy.


In order to get the perfect ratio of whip to topping, ask for your toppings to be layered. This ensures that with each bite you get balanced toppings, and at the end you aren't left with tons of extra chocolate chips, or worse, none for that final bite. 

Take it home:

Although this may seem obvious, taking your whip to-go allows for the ultimate customization. Looking for something a little healthier? Add berries and fruit such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. As noted earlier, nutella and banana is a winning combination, so bring your banana whip home and add the gooey, chocolatey substance. If you like the sweet and salty combo, get chocolate chips but bring it to go and add crushed pretzels for some crunch and a salty addition. 

Bring it in:

If you still want to sit and enjoy the ambiance of HipCity, bring your toppings in. “We’ve had people bring in gummy bears,” says Joseph Abney, General Manager of HipCityVeg UCity. Bring in any goodies that might amp up your banana whip, and they'll add it for you. Maybe a blueberry muffin from neighboring Saxbys can make this the ultimate 40th Street dessert. 

What's the best way to eat it? “Like ice cream, with a spoon, and make sure you keep a couple napkins handy because it gets a little messy if you are really enjoying it,” says Abney. 

Use these days of summer wisely to switch up your order and maximize your banana bliss.