No matter what you’re in the mood for, our beloved Copabanana is always a good choice. They serve delicious Mexican food at a price fit for a college student’s wallet, and it’s in a convenient location on 40th and Spruce. 

But, as many of us know, the best part of Copa has to be their margaritas. And they don’t just serve your classic marg—they have over ten flavors, some seasonal and some permanent, all of which are delicious in their own way. But that won't stop us from ranking them. 

Street gives you…the definitive top 5 Copa margs. Don't believe us? Try them out for yourself when you're back on campus. 

5. Strawberry

You can’t go wrong with the classics. When you can’t decide which flavor to turn to, and you're not feeling the original marg flavoring, this one’s always got your back. Strawberry, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.

4. Key Lime

Did someone say summer in the South? Get your taste of Southern comforts all while not actually having to go below the Mason–Dixon line. Key lime is one of Copa’s more unique flavors, and it's certainly not something you'd expect from a margarita, but it’s actually amazing. 

3. Neon Blue Raspberry

If you want to be reminded of childhood, neon blue raspberry is the choice for you. It's like a liquified Jolly Rancher or Air Head. Be careful with this one, though, or you’ll leave Copa with blue lips. 

2. Orange-Mango

It’s got two fruits in one—what more could you want? You can even convince yourself it's healthy if you drink enough of them. Mango margs are a classic, but orange is the addition that you never knew it needed. Think alcoholic Jamba Juice…. you can’t go wrong.

1. Prickly Pear

I know, I know, a pear margarita sounds less than appealing, but you’re going to have to trust me on this one.  It’s made from cacti and is the perfect combination of fruity and tangy.  And it’s seasonal, so don’t miss out!