It’s hot, humid, and hellish in Philly. NSO festivities, darties, parties, and long afternoons endure, as does the hustle and bustle of a new semester. But this summer, we will not let the moist heat take over without a fight. This summer, we will thrive, and so will our makeup. I’ve compiled some useful tips derived from experience (my own and that of my close friends), and the internet. Enjoy!


Before jumping into any makeup routine, it’s essential to backtrack and make sure that your face has been cleansed, toned, and moisturized. These steps are essential year–round, but more so during the summer when heavy makeup is discouraged in lieu of a lighter more “natural” look. You could save a TON of product and time on makeup by encouraging your skin to cooperate. Cerave’s foaming facial cleanser and skin moisturizer have both proven to be exceptionally great products (and they’re super affordable!). 

Most importantly, remember to apply some sunscreen after the moisturizer. Some brands like Neutrogena include 2 in 1 formulas that are perfect for the season—lightweight moisturizers that come with an SPF of 15 which works well for most skin types. 


Start off with a primer or a setting spray to keep your face from melting off at that darty. For foundation, highlighter, and contouring kits, try to stick to creams rather than powders. Under the sun, powdery makeup can easily look a little cakey because of the way the particles settle around creases and fine lines. Because of this, also avoid setting powder! Go for a spray instead and definitely stock up on oil absorbing sheets to blot away when your skin feels dewy or oily (I promise these will become your best friend for the summer). 

If possible, when choosing foundations and bronzers, stick to matte! For blush, I’ve found that balm hold up the best as an alternative to powder, and it’s pretty versatile (I use mine as a soft lip colour sometimes). 

A pro–tip for eyeshadow is to dip the brush in water and then into the shadow before applying. This decreases the likelihood of creasing and makes it longer lasting. I suggest sticking to natural shades so as to minimize creasing as well. Mascara holds up well on its own, and I’ve found that liquid or gel eyeliners (waterproof or not) tend to stick well too without much smudging. 

And of course, remember to drink lots of water! 


  • Less is more! 
  • Creams > powders.
  • Stay hydrated.