There’s no question that Lipkin’s Bakery has become a locally renowned establishment over its 43–year–run in Philadelphia’s Northeast region. The family–owned kosher bakery has a constant flow of customers on any given day. With a line stretching out the doors during high holidays, Lipkin's has proven its popularity among Philadelphia’s Jewish community. While I unintentionally avoided the crowds by driving to the bakery’s newly opened second location in South Philly, I was nevertheless treated with incredible hospitality by the women working there, all of whom were more than willing to provide me with their personal favorite offerings. So, sugar coma notwithstanding, here is a definitive ranking of the ten best pastries I tried at Lipkin’s Bakery:

The Winners

Blueberry Danish: I am not exaggerating when I say this was the best thing I’ve eaten in my life. The blueberry filling is what makes this danish exceptional, as it takes the fruit’s natural tartness and adds just the right amount of sweetness for a perfect balance. The pastry itself evokes a comparison to some sort of cinnamon roll–blueberry muffin hybrid, but make no mistake: this danish is one of a kind. 

Pizza Knish: You can’t go to Lipkin’s without ordering one of their knishes. The bakery is known for their various versions of this pastry, and the contemporary pizza take on the traditional potato flavor more than lived up to its hype. 

Cherry Hamantash: When it comes to Jewish pastries, it’s hard to beat a good hamantash. Lipkin’s rendition is traditional in shape, texture, and flavor, and passes all marks with flying colors.

The Runner–Ups

Egg Bagel: This was a incredibly well–done bagel. It’s on the denser side of the bagel spectrum and embraces the consistency with sophistication, managing to avoid any unnecessary heaviness while simultaneously hitting you with a rich eggy flavor in every bite. 

Cream Puff Donut: This puff is dangerously good. Look no further for proof that Lipkin’s has their icing–donut ratio down to perfection, but also don’t be afraid to savor some of the airy buttercream frosting by itself—it’s delicious enough to stand alone. 

Challah Roll: My cuisine–cultured Penn Appetit friend compared the texture of this challah roll to an Argentinean medialuna, a slightly sweeter version of the French croissant. This traditional Jewish bread can be enjoyed plain, but it could also be paired with a bit of butter to enhance the already flavorful egg wash. 

Iced Cinnamon Wafer Cookies: To be a good bakery, the little things need to be done right. Light in texture and taste, these mini treats are the perfect satisfaction when you need a quick hit of sugar in your life. 

Rugelach: These nutty morsels deserve a spot on your order list. We tried the Nutella, strawberry, lemon, and s’mores flavors and gave Nutella the win, but go and decide for yourself.

The Honorable Mentions

Butter Pound Cake: If you’re trying to cut back those calories, this is probably the treat you can skip. The taste of butter was very prominent, but bordered on being overwhelming. Regardless, the texture was soft and lightweight, so if you’re craving poundcake, this is definitely worth the purchase.  

Pumpernickel Roll: Admittedly, I’m not a huge pumpernickel fan, which may explain why these rolls have come in last. However, these beautifully dark and dense rolls have an authentic earthy flavor and would not be a regrettable purchase for all you rye bread fans out there. 

TL;DR: Wear loose pants when you come here—you won’t want to stop at just one dessert!

Location: 8013 Castor Ave. Philadelphia, PA, 19152


Mon–Thurs: 7.a.m.–6 p.m.
Fri: 7 a.m.–6:30 p.m.
Sat: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sun: 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Price: $