Penn, a warm (though belated) welcome back to campus. 

Fall, the season of senior scaries and the impending doom and trepidation of graduation. No? Just me? Okay. 

As the leaves change color and my dread over leaving this place becomes more palpable, I’m also taking the time to venture off campus when I can, to take advantage of the vibrant community that exists outside of this “Penn bubble.” Walking down Locust in the fall (even with the acrobatics required to dodge everyone you don’t want to see) still remains one of my favorite things to do at Penn, but maybe that’s also because I haven’t taken the chance to check out any of the other gorgeous walkways nearby (Mural Mile, anyone?). 

This fall marks Street’s inaugural Entertainment Guide. Within these pages, we’ve curated a selection of venues and activities in Philadelphia, just for you. From the beloved to the esoteric, this guide has everything ranging from concert halls to burlesque shows. You’ll have something planned for every upcoming weekend, and this time, it’ll be something you can tell your parents about (probably). 

So, let’s start off this year with some new experiences. For some of us, it’s our last, and for some of us, it’s our first. 

Seniors, let’s make it count. Juniors and sophomores, enjoy every second of it. And freshman, let me be one of the first to welcome you to this beautiful, bustling campus and city—buckle up, it’s a wild ride. 


Sabrina Qiao