With Halloween sneaking up on campus, it seems that everyone is already scrambling to figure out the many costumes that they are going to don for the spooky season. While just coming up with ideas is one aspect of the holiday, executing the costume perfectly is the other crucial part of ensuring the perfect Halloween. It can be time–consuming, jumping from store to store, looking for each and every element, and if not taken advantage of soon enough, store shelves can be completely cleared, leaving you with limited options to dress up. However, Philadelphia has you covered this Halloween for any costume that you could possibly imagine with costume stores all over the area, so if you need to find a place to help you with the costume (or costumes) of your dreams, make sure to check out these stores:

Spirit Halloween

1218 Chestnut Street

Located in Center City on Chestnut Street, Spirit Halloween has everything you could possibly need for anything Halloween–related. From whole costumes to accessories and decorations, Spirit is the Halloween expo of Philly, dedicating the whole store to the spooky holiday. Spirit has every costume you could possibly imagine: witches, zombies, werewolves, superheroes. They even have a whole section dedicated to TV, movie, and gaming characters. Want to dress up with your new boo? There’s a whole section dedicated to couple costumes. Planning to dress up with your floor, but struggling to find some inspiration? Group costumes are a Spirit speciality. They even have a whole section for pet costumes if you’re looking to take out your house pet as well! So if you’re looking for a spot to start shopping or even just come up with an idea for your first costume, Spirit is the place to check out.

Masquerade Costume Supercenter

1100 S Christopher Columbus Blvd

Another large costume store much like Spirit, Masquerade is a great place to put together any sort of last minute costume. With every accessory you could imagine from pirate hats to sections dedicated to each decade, you can put a whole costume together upon walking into Masquerade. While the selection may not be as large as Spirit, the store located on Christopher Columbus Boulevard, has all the Halloween staples to make sure you’re covered costume–wise. It’s the perfect spot to pick up multiple accessories to help prepare you for the whole Halloweekend.

Pierre’s Costumes and Mascots

211 N 3rd St

When you think of Halloween costume shops, many think of large stores with a variety of cheap costumes that allow you to buy and instantly assume a new persona, but Pierre’s isn’t the traditional costume shop. Staffed with professional seamstresses and college–educated costumers, Pierre’s is here to take the costuming game to the next level. They offer millions of hand–made costumes to buy or rent for this Halloween, from circus ringleaders to astronauts, making it look like you just walked off the set of a Hollywood movie. Pierre’s also offers custom costume services, so if you can’t find the perfect costume around town, they’ll sit down with you and help you execute the costume of your wildest fantasies in person and make changes until you are totally satisfied. If you want to stand out from the crowd this Halloween, definitely stop by 211 North 3rd Street and have Pierre’s deck you out.


Is it the day before Halloween, and you still don’t have a costume? Are you on a budget and can’t afford the Uber into Center City? Have no fear my friends because there is one costume shop that is open throughout the day and found right here on campus: the Amazon Locker. Let’s be honest, what can’t you find on Amazon? Whether you need a whole costume or just that last accessory, Amazon is your last–minute costume shop for anything you need for Halloween. Looking to DIY your costume? Amazon offers you tons of clothes and accessories to help you make your costume a little more personal, so do not sweat it if you’re rushing to just put anything together. Amazon is here to save the day once again.