With this unusual October humidity, any cold snack sounds appealing. When it comes to beating the heat, what you need is a bowl of frozen yogurt covered in whatever your sweet tooth is craving. You can be "healthy" with a scoop of strawberries or treat yourself to cookie dough, chocolate chips, Nutella, and more. Either way if you aren't breaking the weighing scale with your toppings, you are doing something wrong. Here’s a breakdown of some of my favorite go–to places, whether it's to take a much–needed break with friends or order delivery to the door of Van Pelt.


3606 Chestnut St

No surprise that the first place on this list should be the frozen yogurt store on campus. While Kiwi yogurt isn’t my favorite (their flavors are good, but their yogurt quality could be better), their vast variety of toppings make this place a solid and convenient option. Get the Nutella crunch, cookie dough, and their cheesecake! Make sure to ask for a punch card if you plan on going frequently.

Big Gay Ice Cream

1351 South St

If you’re down for an adventure off–campus, perhaps as a post–midterm treat, check out Big Gay Ice Cream—a shop that definitely does not have a typical frozen yogurt shop vibe! They serve incredible vanilla and chocolate soft–serve, topped with tons of interesting and unique toppings. I recommend getting the Salty Pimp (which is vanilla ice cream with pretzels and a crunchy chocolate shell) or the Rocky Road.


2223 Grays Ferry Avenue

This is a personal favorite and yes, it is within walking distance (or you can Grubhub or Uber Eats when you’re feeling particularly lazy). The frozen yogurt at Igloo is incredible and the topping selection is extensive. They have so many different types of sauces that it can be overwhelming. I recommend trying their Greek and peanut butter frozen yogurt. Their Greek yogurt is made with real Greek yogurt, so the tart flavor is especially strong. Don’t fill your cup to the top with ice cream because I guarantee you’ll want to add tons of toppings once you see the selection.

Whirled Peace

1901 Callowhill St

This is also an online delivery option! They also offer smoothies or milkshakes made with frozen yogurt or, if you are keeping it simple, some solid frozen yogurt with yummy toppings. However, it’s definitely further away so make sure to order early and be prepared for a wait. I recommend trying their chocolate peanut butter cup milkshake.

Hip City Veg

214 S 40th St

For the vegans out there, don't worry, we didn't forget about you. If you are looking for a vegan–friendly frozen treat with less added sugar and more health benefits, grab a banana whip at Hip City Veg. Add your toppings and enjoy! You won't believe it's vegan.