From candies to skin care, CBD oil has been added to many products for its health benefits, which include relieving pain and reducing anxiety. Now, the popular cannabis–based addition has invaded Fuel on 32nd and Chestnut streets. With three new flavors to try and 0.5 ml of CBD oil in them, the restaurant has brought the first CBD oil–infused smoothies to Philadelphia: the Orange Dream, the Berry Dream, and the Green Dream. If you’re looking to get your CBD fix on, here are how Fuel’s newest additions to the cannabis universe taste.

Photo: Ryan McLaughlin

Orange Dream

As the first of the three smoothies that I tried, the Orange Dream was the one that I was most excited for. Made with orange juice, banana, non–fat plain yogurt, and a shot of french vanilla flavoring, the smoothie sounded like the perfectly blended orange creamsicle. However, after taking an initial sip, my mouth was greeted with a taste of maple syrup rather than orange and vanilla. There was a slight citrus flavor to the smoothie, but it tasted more like a banana smoothie rather than anything. The smoothie was also quite icy in texture, filling my mouth with small chips of unblended ice. As for the CBD oil, there was no significant taste that stood out, and the smoothie was just relatively sweet. A decent smoothie overall. 

Photo: Ryan McLaughlin

Berry Dream

Fuel has taken the traditional strawberry banana smoothie and added a cannabis twist to it with the Berry Dream, a smoothie made with strawberry, mango, apple juice, and banana. The first thing that I noticed upon my first sip was how smooth the texture was compared to the Orange Dream, and when I say smooth, I mean REAL smooth. The texture was a perfect blend of creamy, thick, and just liquidy enough to sip without having to break a sweat trying. There was also a perfect taste of strawberry to the smoothie, giving it a nice and light flavor without it being overwhelmingly fruity. While the mango and apple juice were a little lost and I was still looking to find a hint of CBD oil, the smoothie was still pleasant to the tongue and wasn’t flat in flavor at all, making the drinking experience all the more enjoyable. 

Photo: Ryan McLaughlin

Green Dream

As a health restaurant, it was no surprise to me that there was a green CBD smoothie. Dubbed the Green Dream, the smoothie is made of kale, spinach, honey, pineapple juice, and ginger. Expecting to be hit with a bitter and intense taste between the kale and ginger, I was pleasantly surprised to quite a refreshing taste from the pineapple. However, what surprised me was the minty and almost basil–like flavor that came from the freshness of the drink, making me question whether I was drinking a smoothie or a virgin mojito. In addition to the herby taste, the texture was a little more on the liquidy side but not off-putting at all—it was more like a juice rather than a smoothie. The CBD oil was also pooled at the bottom of the cup, creating an extra smooth texture in the beginning of drinking it. 

The Verdict

While CBD has been proven to have a variety of health benefits, I didn't exactly walk out of Fuel feeling like a rejuvenated human being. The Berry Dream was definitely the best, with the Green Dream a close second. If you are a big banana smoothie fan, the Orange Dream is a safe bet to go with, but don't be expecting much of a citrus flavor. Each smoothie was $6.95 for a small, so not exactly the cheapest. Their flavors make them worth a try—just don't expect to experience any tangible difference from the CBD.