I must admit, I have no idea what I’m doing when I go to the gym. I usually wander around Pottruck for an hour looking extremely lost and confused, so I much prefer fitness classes to tell me what to do. I love the group energy, motivation, and the fact that my workout has a defined start and end time. But unfortunately, those classes usually come with a very high price tag that just doesn’t work with a student budget. SoulCycle classes run about $30, and add the $15 Uber charge and you’re spending an absurd amount for a 45–minute workout. 

Thankfully, there’s an option close to home. Pottruck offers a variety of fitness classes that can suit your every mood. They offer yoga, spinning, Zumba, pilates, barre, and much more. And even better, they come with a much lower price tag. A semester of classes at Pottruck is $50, pretty much the same price as a single SoulCycle class. 

I tried four Pottruck classes to see how they stack up. Here's how they ranked:

4. Spin 45

Having tried expensive spin classes like FlyWheel and SoulCycle, my expectations for spin classes are admittedly pretty high. Even though I still enjoyed spinning at Pottruck, it definitely didn’t have the same vibe. The instructor explained that we would be listening to an eclectic playlist, which started with “Rockstar" by Smash Mouth and concluded with “Yeah” by Usher. It was somewhat challenging and I did break a sweat, but it didn’t seem much different than what I could do myself on a bike machine. 

3. Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Yoga is one of those exercises that is hard to mess up. No matter where you go, you can expect it to be basically the same. Yoga used to require a separate membership, but this year is included in the group exercise pass. I’ve been to multiple yoga classes at Pottruck, and I’ve had pretty varied experiences. Some instructors have been more focused on relaxation, and some more on getting in a full–body workout. At some, the room was packed to the brim, and at one class I was the only one who came. But still, I enjoy taking some time to unwind right on campus. 

2. Body Pump

Body Pump may be the most intimidating of the classes I tried, but I must admit it is a great workout. Every spot in the room was filled with people who seemed like loyal body pumpers. The class is a Les Mills favorite which is basically weight training with music. In the 45–minute session, we used a weight bar, weight plates, and a step. Repetition is emphasized, and it seemed like there were no breaks in the class. I definitely felt the burn and struggled to finish the whole class, so if you’re looking for a challenge this may be the answer. 

1. Body Combat

Of all the classes I tried, this was by far my favorite. Body Combat is one of the cult—favorite Les Mills classes that are always packed. Combat is a mixed–martial arts workout that burns up to 740 calories in just 45 minutes. But honestly, it seemed like less of a workout than some of the other classes. The instructor guided us through a series of kicks and punches set to upbeat music, which really resulted in a full–body workout. Even better, it’s definitely a stress releaser.