University City in the winter isn’t exactly known for being fun or exciting. I find myself repeating the same routine on weekends when I have to stay on–campus: go to lunch somewhere that makes me feel mildly bougie, like Franklin’s Table or Sweetgreen, work in Van Pelt or maybe watch a movie, and then make the regrettably cold walk over to Commons for dinner. The point of this article isn’t for me to exhaust you with the minutiae of my boring life, but to give us all something to do during the endless number of cold weekends ahead: The Post

Located on 129 S 30th St. right under Cira Green, The Post is about to become your go-to neighborhood hangout, describing themselves as “West Philadelphia’s watering hole.” On a quiet afternoon, it's calm in the expansive beer hall, but in a couple of hours I can imagine it slightly more convivial, maybe with some hyperactive kids playing arcade games and singles unloading after a long day. The decor is trendy but retro—arcade games are interspersed throughout the room, eliminating the assumed pretension that often comes with the opening of new bars in the city. 

Photo: Emma Boey

They have a selection of cocktails, one of which is called The Shaky Quaker ($10, made with Tanqueray gin or tequila and blueberry shrub on the rocks), along with a full bar of wines and beers and a full menu of snacks, sliders, salads, and more. However, this isn’t just any bar food. Sure, you can go for a classic plate of wings or popcorn chicken, but they also have more complex dishes like pickle chips with smoked pepper mayo or beet salad. 

We went with the mac and cheese with orecchiette ($9) and the cheesy poofs ($6) which basically caused a cheese–induced food coma. And yes, I had to stifle a laugh when asking the cashier for ‘poofs’ of cheese. Nonetheless, the poofs did not disappoint and were surprisingly cost effective; the plate was piled high with tons of amazingly salty balls of fried cheese and came with a decadent cheese sauce on the side. The mac and cheese was a bit bland, but  still delivered on cheesy goodness and could make a good afternoon pick–me–up when you’re tired of instant mac. 

Photo: Karin Hananel

The Post isn’t just a bar though. They have an extensive selection of board games, arcade games like Skee–ball and Ms. Pac–Man, and a shuffleboard court. You can stay, have some food, drink a Shaky Quaker, and play some Cards Against Humanity or shoot some hoops on the electronic basketball game. It’s perfect for a group hangout with those friends you’ve promised to make plans with for weeks now, or a date with that special someone you’ve been dying to take out. So do yourself a favor and get to The Post as soon as possible to take in the chill vibes before everyone you know finds out about it. 


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