Personally, I’m a fan of wine and any activity where I get to drink it. And with the rise of wine and painting, pottery, etc., it’s painfully obvious that other people feel the same way. When I found out there was a new option in the world of drinking activities conveniently located in Center City, I knew I had to try it out. Wax + Wine is a candle making bar on 10th and Pine that makes for the perfect tipsy–slash–artsy activity.

Walking into the shop, the first thing you’ll notice is either the adorable decorations or the plethora of scents. Upon entering I was warmly greeted by the staff and set up to start crafting. I was given the option between making one of their pre–made candles or my own custom creation. 

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Make candles. Drink wine. BYOB.

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With the custom option, you can choose one or two of over 75 different fragrances ranging from fruity to earthy to seasonal. After much deliberation and scent tests, I chose Honeysuckle and Red Radish. You’re then given the oil of your ideal scents, which you mix into the perfect combination. Next, you pour your scent into a pot of hot wax and stir it for 60–seconds. The next part of the candle–making is an hour long wait for your candle to set. This was probably my favorite part of the experience, because I got to sip some wine from adorable Wax + Wine glasses and chat with my friends. Wax + Wine is BYO, so make sure to make a FroGro run beforehand to pick up your favorite bottle. 

Wax + Wine offers a variety of options for candle making to accommodate different budgets, although they are all a little pricey. The most cost–efficient option is the vintage package for $35 per person. In this option, you get to make one candle with reserved seating for 75 minutes. For $10 more, you can make a second candle. Perhaps the best part of the experience is that the candles made at the shop are actually useable and extremely aesthetically pleasing. As someone who’s made my fair share of eyesores at wine painting class, this was a pleasant surprise. 

The shop is also the perfect option for a larger group activity, like a birthday or girls night out. Their private party room accommodates 16 people for 90 minutes or two hours. The group events run about $40–50 per person. 

Right after I got home from Wax + Wine, I lit my delicious smelling candle, sipped my leftover wine, and immediately told all my friends that we immediately had to make a plan to go back.