While New York may be the city that never sleeps, we mere mortals in Philly need our rest. Most establishments in the city close at a very reasonable hour, meaning that the options for late–night snacking may seem limited when you find yourself perusing the streets after midnight. But all hope is not lost! The next time you need some fuel for your study session or need to satiate your post–going out hunger, look no further than the 24–hour diners of the city.

Here are the four best spots for your late–night cravings:

Midtown III

28 S 18th St. 

Midtown III is a relic of the 1970s. It’s both a diner and a cocktail lounge that’ll make a strong impression right when you walk into the doors. The cocktail bar is a dark space that immediately contrasts the fluorescent lights of the diner area. Seemingly not much has changed since the space's opening, and that’s probably for the best. It boasts brown vinyl booths, wood paneling, framed photo montages, and a handwritten list of prices. Their special cocktail is the vodka martini, while a safe choice for food is the Reuben sandwich. 

Broad Street Diner

1135 S Broad St.

For a classic family diner, check out this spot. Broad Street Diner was originally built in the 60s and went strong for decades before closing down in 2007. Thankfully, the space was purchased and revitalized before reopening in 2011. Don't worry about finding it; you'll be able to see the huge, lit up "DINER" sign from a mile away. If you go to this diner, you have to grab a seat at the counter, play a song on the jukebox, and order breakfast. The blueberry pancakes are a fantastic choice. 

Melrose Diner

1501 Snyder Ave.

Little has changed since the opening of Melrose Diner in 1935. The menu has remained mostly consistent, and while its decorations have been updated, it still has the classic diner vibe you’re looking for, complete with a metallic silver exterior and old–time diner seats. The best part of this spot is the bakery located inside. They have a whole case full of sweet treats at all hours. The buttercream cake is truly something to write home about.

Mayfair Diner

7373 Frankford Ave.

Perhaps the oldest standing diner in Philadelphia is Mayfair, which has been a popular choice since 1932. A staple of the diner is their employees—a lot of their staff has been working at the location for decades, with one waitress going on her 45th year. The diner is so iconic that President Obama made sure to stop by after a Philadelphia rally. Even though it’s a little further than the other spots on the list, it might be worth it. Hey, if it's good enough for Barry, it's good enough for me.

Even though Allegro is always a classic, next time you need a late–night meal, consider taking in the rich history, friendly service, and greasily delicious food of these diners. Who knows, you might even become a regular.