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This Dining Guide highlights the memories, stories, and connections we make with food. Our reviews emphasize the experience of dining out. We’ve profiled students and alumni who use food to jumpstart businesses and clubs. We tried your favorite cookie recipes. Some of us opened up about our relationships with food: the good, the bad, and the ugly. In this issue, food is the main character. 

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Photo: Anran Fang

Koukouzeli: Simply Sweet and Superb

At the Italian Market in Center City, Koukouzeli beckons with its modest design, boasting its menu on a blue and white exterior. Inside, you’ll find a rustic ambiance and a cozy restaurant, perfect for a quiet dinner date with your significant other.The walls are filled with photographs of the owner’s family and illustrations of Greece. An elevated display next to the entrance including a Greek flag and columns, it highlights the restaurant's authenticity to patrons. 

Photo Provided by Penn Supper Club

Five–Star Dining with Supper Club

Crisp sourdough bread, kale, and roasted mushrooms flavored with black garlic vinegar and pickled mustard seed. Soft–shelled cavatelli pasta baked in parsley cream cheese and skillet–seared eggplant. These dishes sound like they belong in a restaurant with four dollar signs on Yelp, but they were actually made in a Harrison kitchen. At Supper Club, Penn students can experience extravagant, experimental, multi–course dining in the comfort of a college dorm or off–campus house, starting at $20–$30 per person.

Losing and Finding My Appetite

I continue to grapple with my loss of appetite. I’m sticking to the routine I’ve laid out and I’m trying not to skip meals just because I don’t feel OK. My friends are also greatly patient in accompanying me to various Asian restaurants across the city (although none I’ve been to can yet fill my void of home–cooked food). I’m sure I’ll get out of this rut I’m in, whether it be through a miraculous, newfound love for pasta that I’m hoping will develop overnight, or a kitchen next year, because I really do love food. I’ve just forgotten about it for a bit, is all.  

Where Should I Eat Tonight? 

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