On April 5, Rumble—the boxing, strength, and conditioning workout that's taken NYC and LA by storm—is coming to Philadelphia. The gym will open at 1520 Walnut St. in Center City, and its classes might just be worth the hike downtown.

Noah Neiman, Rumble’s spunky and passionate co–founder and founding trainer, is ecstatic that, “the fitness scene in Philly is booming.” He says, “The workout culture of Philly is incredibly strong, and with more and more high end restaurants, stores, and developments erecting across the beautiful city, we wanted to be a part of that growth.”

Noah Neiman, co–founder and founding trainer of Rumble. Photo courtesy of Rumble Boxing.

Rumble’s workout includes high intensity interval training (HIIT) and metabolic conditioning (METCON). Plus, their cited benefits of boxing—“fat burning, increased metabolism, increased muscle tone, increased cardiovascular fitness, improved muscular endurance, improved core stability, improved strength and power, improved hand–eye coordination, and stress relief”—are all things we could probably use as college students. Punch out that stress about your next midterm.

The classes start with a warm–up and shadowboxing, followed by about 22 minutes of boxing combos led by the instructor. During this time each person focuses on six punches: the jab, the cross, front and back hooks, and front and back uppercuts—which they perform on their own water–filled punching bag. This is followed by about 22 minutes of strength and conditioning exercises. By the end of the class you’re sure to be drenched and ready for the cool down.

Courtesy of Rumble Boxing.

This workout studio’s vibe isn’t that of your typical stuffy gym—you’ll feel more like you’re at a rave thanks to the neon lights and their personal DJ. They promise this ambiance will “make you want to beat up our Aqua training bags like fight night,” whether you’re a beginner or avid boxer. 

As for why you should try the workout, Neiman says, “Rumble is just fun.” He cites, “the unique custom curated art that adorns the walls, the custom curated tracks that we play in class, the insanely fun workout, the boxing on the water filled Aqua bags, the custom designed weights and benches we use, [and] the vibes of the space itself,” as reasons for Rumble’s cult following.

Rumble has been a hub for celebrities—its sleek design and gear, as well as its effective fat–burning fitness classes are sure to make you feel like a star after a workout. Unfortunately, you also have to pay high prices to get the Rumble treatment. Individual classes cost $34 each, plus a $3 rent fee for gloves if you don’t bring your own. If you purchase a package you can get a slightly better deal per class, but the fees definitely make this a big investment. 

Neiman emphasizes that the Philly location will stay true to the original NYC feel with some City–of–Brotherly–Love flair. You can expect, “incredible and unique pieces of art, AKA our instagrammable moments… draw[ing] inspiration from The Fresh Prince of BelAir, Danny DeVito from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and, of course, Rocky.” Neiman is elated to announce that a “Seven–foot statue of our business partner and investor Sly Stallone [is] being installed as we speak.  He concludes, “To open in Philly and have the backing and blessing of the Rocky is something we are incredibly proud of, and something that we know will authentically resonate with our Philly customer base as well.”

Based on Rumble’s immense success at its other locations, you’re going to want to book your classes now before they fill up. The schedule to book is already up, and you can do so here.