Getting on top of your schedule is not an easy feat. It can seem easy to plan things out, but it’s another monster to keep the momentum going and follow through with all the organizing and planning. Luckily, there is a way: bullet journaling. From Pinterest pages to Instagram accounts, artists and influencers have picked up on the trend. But as intimidating is it may seem, bullet journaling can be made accessible with a couple of pointers.

Build Your Arsenal of Pens, Markers, and Writing Utensils

A bullet journaler is nothing without their plethora of different felt tip pens, highlighters, and fine point markers. Each page isn’t complete without finely detailed illustrations and vibrant colors, as the key to bullet journaling is creating spreads that will catch the eye and make important information. Stock up on a 12–pack of colored felt tip pens from Papermate, a super fine tip marker from a company like Micron pens, a pencil, and a variety pack of highlighters.

Photo: Ryan McLaughlin Bullet Journal

Know the Different Spreads

Once a collection of pens and other writing utensils have been assembled, the next step to bullet journaling is familiarizing yourself with the different types of spreads that are used to keep you organized. To plan ahead, adopt a few calendar pages for each month in your journal that can be used for important dates and events you don’t want to forget about. For keeping yourself on track during the week, adopt a daily spread that you can add to throughout the week in case of any last minute plans or deadlines pop up. Bullet journaling is about having fun too, so save some extra pages and make spreads such as Summer Bucket Lists or Movies and TV Shows to Watch so that you can keep track of your personal life as well as your professional one.

Washi Tape is Your Best Friend

When it comes down to actually start journaling, it can be scary to start your first few spreads out of fear of making mistakes. However, there are steps you can take to fix any mess ups. A decorative, thin tape, washi tape not only covers marker smudges and lines drawn too long, but also provides a colorful pop and fun accent to any spread. Washi tape can come in solid colors and fun patterns!

Get Creative and Accept You Will Make Mistakes

However, no matter how long you take to pencil sketch a spread, you will definitely mess up. But no matter what,  remember that the goal of bullet journaling is to be creative and have fun while keeping your schedule organized. If a mistake is too big or disastrous, tear it out and start over again. It’ll be like nothing ever happened in the first place. 

Now go forth and start scrolling through Pinterest idea pages. Grab yourself a dot journal because it’s time to start bullet journaling. You'll be in control of your schedule in no time.