Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, HBO’s Euphoria took this summer by storm. Starring Zendaya, Euphoria traces the day–to–day life of 17–year–old Rue Bennett, who just got out of rehab. Throughout the season, the show explores themes of addiction, adolescence, and empathy. The first season received positive critical acclaim with emphasis on its production, cinematography, and soundtrack, which featured artists like Lizzo and Madonna. Euphoria lists Drake and Future the Prince as executive producers, which could explain why the music is as good as it is. With such an extensive collection of songs, Street decided to showcase our top eight songs from a selection of 95 in Euphoria’s Season One soundtrack. 

"All for Us" — Labrinth

This song became one of the most recognizable tunes on the show, as snippets were played in multiple episodes throughout the season. In the last scene of the finale, Zendaya dropped a new full version of the song that features her on vocals. Much like the show, the song is a dark and dramatic buildup of hard beats.

"Dangerous (Oliver Remix)" — Big Data

Many of the ecstatic high moments in the show can be perfectly captured by this song. As a remix of the original “Dangerous” by Big Data, the song starts off with upbeat and fast techno beats. These eventually culminate to a sexy and mysterious statement: "I bet you didn’t know that I was dangerous." 

"My Body is a Cage" — Arcade Fire 

Arcade Fire’s “My Body is a Cage” plays during a scene where one of the characters reminisces on her past as she sits in an abortion clinic. The song gives the viewer a perfect insight into how the character is feeling emotionally in this understandably dramatic moment. 

"151 Rum" — JID

As soon as this song comes on in episode six, the scenes reflect a hype atmosphere where everyone is dancing, doing shots, and having a good time. “151 Rum” comes from JID’s second studio album DiCaprio 2, which brought JID increased recognition. The original music video reflects JID’s struggle with the music industry in running away from music labels who try to control him.

"HOT" — Dodgr 

Dodgr, previously known as The Last Artful, rebrands her hip–hop R&B label with the song “HOT.” The song itself feels euphoric, a tone that complements lyrics like, “lovin’ is a fairytale.” Dodgr expertly layers repetitions of her own voice with string instruments in this unique composition.

"Run the Road" — Santigold 

Philadelphia–native Santi White, otherwise known as Santigold, released “Run the Road” just last year. This alt–pop song describes the journey of finding oneself while always being on the road. Although the song has dance elements, its overall tone is melancholic. 


Given ROSALÍA’s breakthrough in American pop culture this year, it’s no surprise that her song, “MALAMENTE,” was on episode five of Euphoria. The song is both empowering and sexy, as Rosalia’s seductive voice powers through the pulsing and steady claps throughout the song.

"Champagne Coast" — Blood Orange

Blood Orange, known for groovy and syncopated melodies, was bound to show up on the Euphoria soundtrack at some point. The chosen song, “Champagne Coast,” playfully begs with the lyrics, “come into my bedroom, come into my bedroom.” The sexual tensions that arise in the show are perfectly complemented by this iridescent Blood Orange track.

While Euphoria’s soundtrack can be appreciated individually out of the show’s context, the soundtrack is striking in that it expertly adds another level of depth to the show's underlying themes. These songs are able to do something special: encapsulate the indestructible and inescapable feeling of youth, complete with moments of the highest highs and lowest lows. You can stream the whole soundtrack on Spotify here: