Heyday, the newest addition to the Philadelphia wellness space, aims to challenge everything you thought you knew about the facial experience. The brand—founded by two Penn alums—focuses exclusively on skincare, and aims to “take the facial out of the spa,” where services are extremely expensive, the environment is exclusive and uninviting, and communication between estheticians and clients is rare. 

Co–founders Adam Ross (W ‘06) and Michael Pollak (C ‘05) are quite the dynamic duo. Aussie–born Ross has an impressive background in mergers and acquisitions and is all facts and figures, while Pollak’s architecture and design experience shines through in his creative insights. 

Heyday’s co–founders constructed a brand with a strong message of inclusivity. “We built a space that sort of eats away at the connotations that ‘spa land’ had,” Pollak explains. To do so, they focused on creating an inviting, hospitable environment reflected in the physical space and in the attitudes of its staff and estheticians. Heyday is situated on the ground floor of a building on 17th and Chestnut, and its design is bright and modern. The semi–private space feels open and young, and is characterized by upbeat music and conversation. 

Photo courtesy of Heyday.

It’s no surprise that Ross and Pollak’s vision is resonating with consumers—they are building a skincare brand that helps people of all backgrounds look and feel their best, arming them with the knowledge and tools to take control of their own skincare. As Pollak says, “our generation of clients want to know ‘what are you using on my skin and why?’ ‘What are you seeing under the lamp?'” Heyday makes sure these questions are getting answered through a focus on education and conversation. The goal is for clients to leave Heyday feeling in their prime and ready to take on the day, having gained a more in–depth understanding of their skin’s needs. 

The store offers a variety of skincare services to fit different lifestyles and schedules. There are 30–minute, 50–minute, and 75–minute facials starting at $65 with a plethora of enhancement options that can be tacked on depending on your specific skin needs. These enhancements include LED therapy, microdermabrasion, and gua sha. They even offer monthly facial subscription plans with discounted services and products. While the prices are still steep—especially for college kids—the brand's mission seems like a step in the right direction.

Ross and Pollak are excited to add a Philly shop to their roster. Ross said, “We saw a huge demand for Heyday’s accessible and routine facials outside of Los Angeles and New York’s metro area and naturally, we were drawn to our neighbors in Philadelphia.”

Heyday came to Penn's campus on Oct.17, just a day after their Rittenhouse opening, where they offered students skincare consultations. Ross and Pollak also participated in the Baker Executive Speaker Series, where their explanation of a brand that fits with the self care mentality of the younger generation clearly resonated with students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Heyday is now open on 1735 Chestnut Street. If you've never had a facial, or are looking to switch from the stuffy spa to a more educational, intimate, and modern experience, Heyday is your new home base.