With many gyms either closed or limiting capacity due to COVID–19 regulations, you may be struggling to find new ways to work out. Luckily, there are many creative ways to exercise that don’t involve a gym. 


With no equipment and no gym membership necessary, running is a great way to get outside and appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons. Running is also a great way to clear your mind, and has been shown to have many positive effects on both your body and your brain—including boosting your mood. There are many scenic running paths in the Philly area that will help you see a more tranquil side to the city that Penn calls home.

The Rocky Steps

Walking or running your way up these famous steps is both a novel and a historical way to work out—and you might just feel like Rocky while doing it. Take them two at a time if you’re feeling ambitious, and if you want to work on some additional strength and conditioning, incorporate some muscle–building exercises. Try fitting in some push–ups every time you reach the top and sit–ups every time you reach the bottom.


Stream Workout Classes

With November here, soon enough we'll be back to chilly temperatures. If you find that it may be getting too cold for one of these outdoor workouts, don't fret. Many gyms and exercise studios have been offering virtual classes. Whether it be via Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, you can access these sessions from the comfort—and warmth—of your own home. 


Yoga is another good exercise option that you can do at home, as all you need to for is a mat and some floor space. If you're new to the practice, there are many videos on YouTube to get you started. There are many proven health benefits of yoga that every college student should capitalize on, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving heart health, and bettering sleep.

Try Out a Team Sport

For many of us, high school may have been the last time we played an organized sport. Take this as a sign to dig through your closet and find some old equipment. Get together with a small group of friends who share similar sporting interests or are just looking to try something new and brush up on your skills. Reconnecting with an old favorite hobby could benefit everyone right now.

In a time where stress levels are through the roof, exercise is as essential as ever. In an era of uncertainty, luckily there are still many ways you can work out without going to a gym.