Peanut butter and jelly. Mac & cheese. Chips and guacamole. Hearing these words, you’re probably imagining breakfast sandwiches, cozy lunch dishes, and tasty sides at Mexican restaurants. What if I told you these were burger toppings? Hot dogs? At Lucky’s Last Chance, each menu item is an unthinkably unique melding of flavor that draws people to the one–of–a–kind Philadelphia diner.

This hidden gem puts a twist on traditional American cuisine. Take your average cheeseburger, and then add peanut butter, bacon, and grape jelly. That is the essence of Lucky's Last Chance. This creative experimentation has landed them multiple awards, including the Philadelphia Burger Brawl People’s Choice Award for their PB & Bacon Burger (three times!). Their Bacon, Egg & Cheese Burger, Pickle Monster, and Buffalo Wing Burger are just a few examples of the exuberantly flavorful choices at Lucky’s Last Chance, and whether you’re there for adventurous eating or just a classic cheeseburger, they have never not been cooked to perfection.

In an effort to ring in the fall season, not only have they adorned the restaurant with amusingly retro Halloween decorations, but their October Burger of the Month, a Pumpkin Patty Melt, is a testament to the comfort and taste that each bite of their culinary artistry brings. It consists of perfectly golden Texas toast sandwiching a patty, maple caramelized onions, chipotle pumpkin crema, and American cheese. If you’re looking for a cozy meal this October accompanied by the perfect ambience, this is it.

However, the extravagance doesn’t end with mains. Their Roadside Tots, dressed in cajun, house made cheese sauce, grilled onions, and jalapeños, are absolutely mouthwatering. Other side dishes, including the Junkyard Fries, a combo of bacon, cheddar, sour cream, and scallions, as well as their classic Mak & Cheese, are equally as scrumptious. Believe me, I’ve tried them all. Each and every menu item consists of strategically-combined ingredients to craft a Lucky’s Last Chance–exclusive palate.

Though they are also located in Manayunk and have a takeout stand on Ridge Avenue, if you ever get the chance to visit the Queen Village location, make sure to say hi to Tim, the manager, and the other employees who are just as enthusiastic about unbeatable flavor and top quality service. Their Lucky’s Last Chance mural, door of stickers, LED mood lighting, and pub–esque decor all contribute to the familiarly homey vibe. They exemplify their care and positivity with the words “Be Nice Or Leave” plastered on everything from coasters to posters, and they’ve even managed to nail the final touch that makes any good restaurant: universally trendy and enjoyable music.

Lucky’s Last Chance extends their work beyond just the kitchen. Their annual Wiener Race, in which contestants can enter their dachshunds to compete against other racers, helps give back to the community by raising money and awareness for PAWS, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. The organization is on site during race day with a puppy adoption setup, and sponsored breweries will donate a portion of sales that day to PAWS as well. Their devotion to giving back to local Philly causes and organizations further substantiates their presence and what an asset they are to Philly culture. 

This restaurant is a definite must–add to your Philly bucket list. The food, atmosphere, care for customers, and emphasis on charitable action all contribute to the diner’s noteworthiness. Laden with hominess and potent piquancy, if you consider yourself a fellow foodie, make sure to visit Philly’s finest, Lucky’s Last Chance.

TL;DR: Delicious and unique twist on American cuisine accompanied by cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Location: Queen Village (848 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia PA 19147), Manayunk (4421 Main Street, Philadelphia PA 19128)

Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Daily

Price: $