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Alexandra Kanan


The Good, The Bad, and The Radical World of Campaign Art

From font to color choices, campaign posters have the power to hint at the political future.

Five of the Wildest Fashion Trends in History Missing from the Modern Wardrobe

From bird–shaped beauty marks to scented head cones, here are some historic styles we should be seeing on Locust Walk this season.

Why Comedies are the Most Effective Dramas

Sitcoms such as 'Derry Girls,' 'Community,' and 'the Office' remain some of the biggest tearjerkers.

The Harrowing Tale and Extraordinary Group Behind This Trending TikTok Sound

Dave Made the Most Absurd Horror Movie on Your Watchlist

Why the arts–and–crafts horror film 'Dave Made a Maze' is exactly what the genre needed.

Looking to the Future with Space Age Fashion

The space age fashion trends of yesterday are a plea for a better tomorrow.
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