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Alexis Nanovic



If you're like most Penn students -- make that people in general -- you have no clue who Hem is. The band, however, believes that their debut album, Rabbit Songs, and most recent effort, Eveningland, have what it takes to garner some recognition.

Suds go swank

The Independence Brew Pub is quite possibly the classiest brewpub in Philadelphia. The word "pub" brings to mind dark wood, poor lighting and very greasy finger food.

Midtown madness

It's a sad fact that University City lacks a real diner. Philly Diner only succeeds because it has a monopoly on Penn's campus, and the Triangle Diner is not even worthy of the honorable name "diner". If a real diner is what you're yearning for, leaving campus is your only option.

The Wistar Institute

It's the time of year when mysteries, legends and myths run rampant. Spooky stories are great for around the campfire, but when mystery and myth surround an institute year round, rumors and legends become truths.
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