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Anjali Kishore


The Modern Panopticon

How social media has created a self–surveillance state

Accessories Overload!

What counts as accessorizing, and what can our accessories tell us about each other?

The Summer For Girls, By Girls

The commodification of girlhood in popular media, and what it means when an identity becomes commercialized.

Ego of the Week: Tommy Christaldi

Between community engagement and performing arts leadership, Tommy finds time to talk up a storm.

A New Era for ARCH

How the ARCH renovation is making space for more students—one room at a time

Ego of the Week: Jack Franklin

Between music, marketing, and making Wharton feel like home, this senior certainly has his plate full.

A 'Nation's Revolution' Comes to Philadelphia

The Iranian women’s justice movement is shifting the worldwide social landscape, and we're seeing it right here in our city.

‘The Future of Presidential Elections Is on the Line Right Now in Pennsylvania’

Inside the Student Push for Gubernatorial Candidate Josh Shapiro

Ego of the Week: Joel Olujide

Three years after his last conversation with 34th Street, this student chef still hasn't slowed down.

To Alaska and Beyond

James Chang is reinventing the idea of a post–undergraduate gap year.

Penn 10: Emma Van Zandt

Emma Van Zandt goes with the flow, whether that's attending Penn, surviving cancer, or starting the career she never knew existed.

Ego of the Week: Nathaniel Hess

Meet the senior who's swapping his beloved frisbee for a chemical engineering Ph.D.

Generation Pandemic: A Monument to Our Young People

How two seniors allowed us to understand American strangers' lives during the world's worst months.

Reaching for Repose

On cookies, comfort, and small pleasures that we don't let ourselves have.

On Black Culture, Societal Reckonings, and Penn's Place in It All

A conversation with Makuu Director Dr. Brian Peterson.

Campus Food Truck Owners' Favorite Items on Their Menus

Never worry about what to order again and learn the best thing on the menu from the owners themselves.

Ego of the Week: Sam Braffman

Find this senior hiking her heart out or channeling her inner fashionista. 

Food for Thought: Where Diverse Dining Begins

Penn Cooks aims to tap into campus diversity and bring students home one bite at a time.

The Happiest Place on Campus: A Glimpse Into WilCaf

WilCaf goes above and beyond when it comes to both coffee and composting.

Significant Others: The Evolutionary Impact of Friendships

How the often–underestimated power of platonic love makes us who we are today.
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