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Anna Collins


The Timothée Chalamet Phenomenon

Why is the world so obsessed with this young actor, and is that a good thing?

Cashing In On Spider–Man: A Battle Between Marvel and Sony

The fate of Spidey within Marvel's Cinematic Universe is uncertain. How have we gotten here?

'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood' and Tarantino's Violence Against Women

Tarantino's latest film not only treats women poorly, it delights in violence against them.

'Wet Hot American Summer': The Peak of Camp

Be sure to watch this cult classic as a last hurrah for summer.

The Polanski Problem

Last year, Roman Polanski was cast out of the Academy. This year, he's fighting back.

'In the Heights' and the Movie Musical

Movie musicals have received mixed reviews lately—will Lin–Manuel Miranda's latest film adaptation run into the same issues?

The Fate of the Never–Ending Sitcom

How long can our favorite comedies go on?  

'The Rise of the Skywalker' Trailer: A Breakdown

Street breaks down the trailer for the last Star Wars movie in the new trilogy.

The New 'Joker' Trailer is Perfection

With a new actor playing the Joker, the villain's origin story is in good hands.

Steven Spielberg and the Netflix Problem

Should Netflix films be held to the same standard as traditional ones?

The Future of Star Wars: Analyzing a Franchise in Conflict

How will the final installment of the trilogy end, and how will it satisfy all its fans?

'Paddington 2' Was Robbed of an Oscar

Want to talk about Oscar snubs? 'Paddington 2' takes the cake.

Marvel, DC, and the Superhero Movie Problem

The highs and lows of the superhero genre, and how it might be changing.

Love and Subterfuge: Romance in James Bond

What the "Bond Girl" trope means for our cultural understanding of romance.

'Grace and Frankie' and the Power of Platonic Love

Need an unconventional show about love to binge–watch this Valentine's Day? 

The Death of the Director

In light of Bryan Singer's sexual assault allegations, how much should a film's director influence our perspective?

The Oscars' 'Best Popular Film' Award: Blurring the Lines Between Commercial and Artistic Success

How the effects of this scrapped award category ruined this year's Best Picture lineup. 

‘A Very English Scandal’ is Scandalous Indeed

This Amazon Prime miniseries deftly explores political intrigue and a love affair gone wrong.

‘Mary, Queen of Scots’, ‘The Favourite’, and Faux-Feminism

Which depiction of royalty wins out this awards season?

Why 'Riverdale' Is a Social Media Sensation

Riverdale is a piece of teen iconography, no matter what the quality of the show is.
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