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Anna Collins


'The Invisible Man' is the Prototype of the Modern Horror Movie

'The Invisible Man' captures the terror of domestic abuse, being watched, and not being believed.

Disney's LGBTQ Representation in 'Onward' May be a Misstep

Lena Waithe's character in 'Onward' is apparently Disney's first out gay character, but is it a positive portrayal?

'Sonic the Hedgehog' Wasn't Worth the Wait

'Sonic' just doesn't recapture the magic of the furry blue hedgehog.

A Piece for Pugh

Why is Florence Pugh so famous, and why is it well–deserved?

'Fantasy Island' Fantasizes That It's a Horror Movie

Though exciting, this supposed horror film is far from scary.

'Birds of Prey' Deserves Better

DC's latest movie is apparently a box office flop, but it shouldn't be.

'Bridget Jones' Diary' is the Perfect Rom–Com

Why does this romantic comedy still hold up after all these years?

'Greener Grass' is an Absurd Suburban Suspense Movie

Even wanted to watch soccer moms slowly go insane? 'Greener Grass' has got it.

'The Turning' Screws Itself

This adaptation of 'The Turn of the Screw' is not just bad—it's horrific.

'Mean Girls' and the Cycle of Empty Adaptations

The cult hit was adapted into a movie, then a musical, and now a movie musical.

'The Gentlemen' is a Crude Crime Comedy

Guy Ritchie's latest gangster film is full of cursing and rude humor.

The Oscars Once Again Prove Outdated and Irrelevant

This year's nominees? Same old, same old.

James Dean and the Hologram Question

Is using holograms in film a cool innovation, or the start of something more sinister? 

'Ford v. Ferrari' is More Than Just a Racing Movie

Don't care about cars? Don't worry—Matt Damon and Christian Bale make this movie worth a watch.

Disney+ and the Power of Nostalgia

Disney is cashing in on the classics of your childhood.

'Doctor Sleep' Doesn't Quite Capture The Magic of 'The Shining'

This sequel isn't as good as Kubrick's classic, but it's made with love.

'The Lighthouse' is an Amazing Descent into Madness

Robert Eggers, director of The Witch, returns with another oppressive thriller. 

We Don't Need an All—Girls Marvel Movie

Marvel should develop its female characters organically, rather than carelessly throwing them into a movie together.

'The King': A Peculiar Adaptation of A Shakespeare Classic

Despite Timothée Chalamet's fame, this film can't quite escape the shadow of its own source material.

The Art of the Movie Trailer

Are movies getting worse or are trailers getting better?
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