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Why 'Riverdale' Is a Social Media Sensation

Riverdale is a piece of teen iconography, no matter what the quality of the show is.

‘Outlaw King’: Doing History Right

This Netflix film manages to capture the legend of Robert the Bruce with uncharacteristic delicacy. 

'The Happy Prince' Gets Lost in Its Art

 Rupert Everett’s directorial debut is too poetic for its own good. 

'Heathers' Reboot is Awkward and Tone–Deaf

Paramount’s reboot of the 1989 classic fails where many high school shows do.

'The Neighborhood' is a ‘90s Racial Sitcom Accidentally Produced Today

'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' meets 'Full House', but made in 2018. And not funny.

'I Feel Bad' is Better Than It Seems

NBC's newest offering has the premise of a bad sitcom, but it shines through it.

Recent Critique of 'Star Trek' on 'Black Mirror' Falls Short

Black Mirror is just one of many shows to get the iconic series all wrong. 
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