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Ashna Yakoob


Blood of Zeus: An Exciting Addition to Netflix's Adult Animation

The show holds nothing back when it comes to spectacle and style, yet lacks in character development.

Does Anyone Remember the Iraq War? Well, 'Blowback' does.

The podcast, Blowback, holds nothing back—and this includes discussing the Iraq War.

Here's Everything That's Wrong With 'The Shining'

A director that enforces "all work, no play" makes for a pretty racist—and boring—movie. 

'The Boys in the Band': A Fine Remake, Even if Nobody Needed It

Some things just can't be remade.

Tired of Doomscrolling? Watch This on Election Day Instead.

Here's what Street's watching to keep sane as the polls close.

What Film & TV Watched this Spooktober

Our suggestions for what you should watch this Halloween.

A Farewell to 'GLOW'

The ending of GLOW marks yet another goodbye to a Netflix show gone too soon.

Enola Holmes: Yet Another Role Reversal that Fails to be Meaningfully Political

Are role reversals really as revolutionary as they claim to be? 
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